Creative, Organized Brainstormer Needed

Corporate blues got you down? Or maybe just the possibility of it has you in a funk. Do suits, cubicles, endless spreadsheets, and the idea of eight to five every day have you looking for something else or somewhere else?

If so, that's great, especially if you are a highly detail-oriented, creative marketer because we are currently looking for one. So, throw out those achy, black heels and pull on your funky, (Frye) boots, and walk in your own shoes at Bella Vita!

Who We Need

Are you the go-to person in your friend group for brainstorming and putting together creative parties or get togethers? Does your family always look to you to nail down the specific details of your summer vacation? Do you thrive on creating a to-do list or schedule and then seeing it through? If you are thinking this is all sounding oddly familiar... then you may be just the talented person we are looking for.

Our Marketing Manager must be someone who loves getting their creative juices flowing and enjoys consistently wearing both an organizer and brainstormer hat. We appreciate clever, new ideas, concise communication, and thorough planning and organization. If you do too... this position is for you!

Must Haves

  • Must have a sincere interest in our business(gifts, interiors & decor)
  • Must show ability to come up with creative ideas for marketing a business
  • Must be a detail-oriented person who gets a thrill out of planning for every detail and meeting or exceeding deadlines

Typical duties include:

  • Maintaining a 6 month calendar of in-store and online events, blog posts, advertisements, emails, etc.
  • Work with ownership to brainstorm events and marketing ideas for future campaigns and events
  • Communicate upcoming events/sales/promotions to other members of the team
  • Following up on every event to document costs and revenues and report profitability to ownership
  • Meet with creative contractors (ad agency, web agency, copywriter and print companies) weekly to ensure they have our requirements, meet deadlines, and are keeping within budget
  • Ensure that all events/sales/promotions are being advertised properly across all channels(blog, email, website, print, social media,etc.)
  • Prepare and schedule all emails to customers
  • Must be available to help with all in-store events and assist with marketing-related errands or business trips

We think this position gets to have a lot of fun! From helping design and review fun advertisements to planning and implementing store events, this role is both essential and exciting. As explained above our Marketing Manager also has the opportunity to work with multiple vendors and make judgement calls for Bella Vita. So, if you know you have keen decision-making and negotiating skills then you would be right at home in this role.

Examples of Advertisements

We're serious about our advertising and how our brand is portrayed by existing and potential customers. Here are a few examples of the fun you could have with our marketing agencies and advertisements.

jewelry postcard
Jewelry event postcard.

mothers day wish list ad
Mother's Day Wishlist event poster.

pottery candle ad
New pottery advertisement for print publications

jewelry postcard
We kinda like jewelry!

med event postcard
Our largest in-store event of the year. We start planning for this month's in advance.

hemline creative marketing meeting
Last year's 6-month strategy meeting with the ladies of Hemline Creative Marketing.

team meeting
Weekly Monday morning team meeting. We never miss. Communication is a huge priority around here!

allison rodgers bella vita ad
Partnering with Allison Rodgers for a Birthday advertisement for Bella Vita where we were giving away t-shirts as an added promotion.

A Home Away from Home

So, now that we have sold you on the role, let's show you why you should work at Bella Vita!

We all know that we spend just as much time with our co-workers as we do family and friends. So, we like to think of Bella Vita as a home away from home, since we are all a tight knit group of friends. We all work incredibly hard together to make sure our store stays stocked, displayed, and running smoothy. But with weekly staff meetings and monthly get togethers we also equally make sure a good time is had by all. Just take a look at our co-worker, Natalie, at our Christmas party this past year. She is definitely having a good, no make that fantastic, time.

We are also making a difference. Our gifts and items for customers and their loved ones are bringing smiles, hugs, laughs, and togetherness every day, and we kinda think that's a big and wonderful thing to be a part of! For a further look at why we think you should join our team, read our Top Ten Reasons list.

So, don't try to fit into someone else's shoes just because you think you have to. Walk in your own shoes with us and find a home away from home with Bella Vita!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this position paid by the hour or salaried?
This is a salary position.

2. What are the hours this position would hold?
Normally, 9:30 - 6PM Monday through Friday.

3. Does this position work on weekends?
Occasionally. You may have to prepare for Monday deadlines or attend important Saturday events at the store.

4. Is a college degree required?
No. We care about the "Must Haves" listed above, not a college degree.

5. Is any travel involved?
Perhaps 2-3 days per year, tops.

6. Where is this position located?
You'll split your time between the store office and our new web/marketing office near 385 & HWY72 in Collierville.

Email all resumes and questions to

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Jan 10 2014

Work Hard, Play Hard

We go to great measures to accomplish many achievements on a daily basis within the walls of the store. And sure, we may seem like all work and no play, but don't let our zealous physic fool you. We can play just as hard as the best of them, which is especially true when it comes to holiday get-togethers. 

So, want a look inside what life is like outside of work for The Girls at Bella Vita? Take a peek into one of our most unforgettable moments from this year's Bella Vita Christmas Party, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Claus themselves, Brent and Stephanie...

From the food to the games to the gifts, it was a night full of special moments that make our jobs so much more than just a job, but a place we can enjoy. The fun, the laughter, the excitement, and of course, the unexpected gifts, made for an incredible Bella Vita Christmas and a night that we will never forget.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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My mom has two birthdays. 

Lucky gal, wouldn’t you think? One is about cake, candles and presents, and the other is about the real celebration of life. 

Losorwith PropertyMy parent's property - so peaceful!

It was two years ago on a crisp, cool morning in December that mom took her horse for a walk and some much-needed exercise. It was a day no one would have expected to turn so tragically. But it did, in the blink of an eye. Ultimately, it was the day my mom received her second birthday. 

Losorwith Horse Barn and StablesThe horse stables on my parent's property

Her accident has given me a new perspective on life. Tragedy does that to people. For me, although I still tend to worry, I have found peace with it, particularly during the holidays. 

It starts right before Thanksgiving, around the time my girls begin asking off for the holidays to see their families. It’s so sudden, but so very familiar now. Feelings of anxiety and worry creep into my mind, and memories appear like a slideshow before my eyes. The call, the long drive from Collierville to The MED, the Trauma ICU waiting room, the strings of IVs, and of course, my mother. 

It’s all related, I realize. My worry over my staff traveling, and my fear of that “blink-of-an eye” moment. My concern that my girls don’t quite understand how precious time with family is. And there’s my mom again, and the accident, and her second birthday coming up. 

As quickly as my worries come, however, they are pushed at bay, and clarity, understanding and grace take their place. Grace, given from above, to fully embrace the gift of a second birthday.

Celebrating mom on her Dec. 4 is a cherished tradition for the both of us. I take the day off (something I never could have fathomed doing before the accident, especially during the holidays!) and we begin the party by delivering breakfast to the staff at The MED and the Air Wing Hospital unit (the helicopter paramedics who airlifted mom from the accident site). What an amazing group, and the bond we share is a gift in itself.

The Med, Memphis, TNThe Med - We are forever grateful to them

Panera Bread Breakfast Breakfast from Panera Bread for the amazing crew at The Med and Air Wing Hospital

From there, it’s girl time—manicures, pedicures, fancy lunch, shopping—all the pampering we rarely indulge in because we’re focused on running a Monday-through-Saturday retail store. 

Laurie being pamperedMom loved the pampering and definitely deserves it!

South Front Antique Market, Memphis TNShopping at South Front Antiques

Peabody Hotel Christmas TreeMom with the gorgeous Christmas tree at the Peabody Hotel

We end our evening with dinner with the boys, my dad and Brent, and top it all of with cake—you gotta have birthday cake, right? 

Erling Jensen RestaurantErling Jensen - Mom & Dad's Favorite Place

The LosorwithsMy wonderful parents. Sure do love these two!

Mom's birthday cakeThe oh so yummy cake

It’s all fun, for sure. But mom and I both know it’s the time together that really matters. Driving from place to place, the time lingering over a meal, time just sitting close to one another. That’s what celebrating a second birthday has given us.  

Before her accident, the holidays were a time to go, go, go. No slowing down this girl. Rush to this show, race to that one. Pack the trailer, pack the store, go, go, go. Don’t get me wrong, we still hustle at Bella Vita during the holidays, but we also try to take in the spirit of the moment too.  Before the accident, I wouldn’t have dreamed that the store could thrive, much less survive without me and my family, especially in December. But it did, and it does, every year despite my imagined worries or problems. I have a wonderful staff. 

As I think back this time of year, to mom’s accident, to yesterday’s birthday celebration, to visions of the store’s bustle and beauty, I’m reminded of three small, simple words: Life is beautiful. Then I smile—and worry a lot less.

Happy birthday, Mom, and the happiest of holidays, friends.

Please come see me at the store to share in the spirit of the season. 


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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Like you, I love all things beautiful. The word. The life. The way it makes your soul feel warm and cozy. So curl up with the Girls at Bella Vita as we share our lives with you- our families and friends, our inspirations and ideas, our homes and nests- quite simply, our take on creating a beautiful life.
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