Jun 15 2010

And So It Begins

Home renovations mean never having to say you’re sorry … for getting rid of popcorn ceilings, or pink and black kitchen tiles, or misplaced lighting fixtures. All’s fair in new carpet and appliances, after all.

Yes, it’s true. My husband Brent and I are renovating our home—one that we didn’t love so much for its outside when we bought it, but knew it had a good heart—and good bones to boot on the inside. It also had the “must-haves” that we, well, had to have. Anyway, we looked beyond the unassuming exterior and outdated interior, and knew we could make it our own.

We live in Germantown, a suburb of Memphis. We bought our home almost two years ago. We’re lucky: It’s a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath at 8760 Cumbernauld Circle North in Germantown, with good bones, lots of space, plenty in which to grow, with a backyard we love.

But it definitely wasn't love at first sight. It wasn’t her fault but honestly, its décor was nothing like me … and for those of you who have visited my store, then you have a good idea of my taste. However, knowing that we had just entered into a long-term commitment with this house—and to make myself feel better—I went to a quality fabric store right after we got the keys and bought this luscious fabric for my living room drapes to kick-start my inspiration for updating my new home.

We’ve been tackling this reno for about as long as we've lived in the house. We haven’t changed anything structural—the layout has stayed the same—but most everything else has gone or been changed. There’s not one corner of this house that we haven’t touched. And while we haven’t taken out any walls, it’s been a big project nonetheless, and it’s taken more time than I originally planned. But that’s true for most every renovation.

So why am I literally opening my doors to all of you? Well, maybe my space can help get you thinking about yours in a new way, either drastically or with just a few polishing touches. I also hope you will share some of your home with me. Your own renovation tips and stories, and what inspires and makes you happy within your own walls. After all, it really is true: work with what inspires you, especially when it comes to creating your home, your own sanctuary, and you’ll never be sorry.

Be sure to check back regularly as I’ll be updating you on our progress.  On deck: THE KITCHEN!

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Apr 29 2010

My "Aha" Moment

Nothing like a change in seasons—in particular a change to spring—to get you to take inventory of your life. So as I sat outside recently in springtime temperatures, I began thinking of my life's journey and how it landed me here, at Bella Vita. I also thought about my customers and what keeps bringing them into the store. I also wondered how to better connect with them—with you—on a more personal level. Then it all came full circle and I realized this: We share so much about Bella Vita and our beautiful, unique, handcrafted items, but what about us? Do we share enough of us with you?

It’s not that we love talking about ourselves, mind you. But like any good Southern woman worth her salt, we do love to share stories about our lives, families, friends and most recent must-have finds.

We take pride in that Bella Vita is not just a box of a store with beautiful items within. It's where you find inspiration to shape your own life, mixed with lots of smiles and happiness, and the girls and I, who are always here for you.

We want to share more of ourselves because we believe that only by fully giving can we fully receive. We hope you’ll get to know us better—good and bad!—laugh with us, explore with us, learn with us, and always search for the beauty in life within all of us, and within Bella Vita.

So here’s to lots more of everything beautiful—inspirational insights, friendly stories and lots of smiles and laughing along the way.

Here's to La Bella Vita!

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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Like you, I love all things beautiful. The word. The life. The way it makes your soul feel warm and cozy. So curl up with the Girls at Bella Vita as we share our lives with you- our families and friends, our inspirations and ideas, our homes and nests- quite simply, our take on creating a beautiful life.
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