Bella Vita is the number one place to go when you need original, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. You may think that is a bold statement to make, but we have all the proof we need thanks to our wonderful, loyal customers. When you stop by the store with your friends and sing our praises, or when we run into you at the supermarket and you are wearing your latest addition, we know that you love our original, local artists who pride themselves on making the very best product for the very best people.
Because we know what you love, we are always on the lookout for inspiring talent. Our newest jewelry designer, Niki Gaffrey, is among the best, focusing on the natural and the handmade. She is a local Southerner whose slogan is “Jewelry is art we wear to remember”.

Niki Gaffrey's handmade, ceramic designs are either strung or hand-sewn onto distressed leather ranging from a light tan to a dark chocolate. Based on the personality of the necklace or bracelet up to this point, she then adds stones in a range of hues to play upon the personality and charm of the piece.

She is continually inspired by the world around her, but mostly by her "child's fearless enthusiasm". A child knows no boundaries, does not accept defeat or rejection and continually puts their hearts on the line. Niki is the same way when it comes to making her jewelry. Each piece starts out a mystery, but in the end each piece becomes a wearable piece of art; a way to personally connect to a place, person or time.

Niki works daily out of her home studio where household appliances are her tools of choice. Besides what you would assume are tools to make jewelry out of (drills, sanders etc.), Niki uses a pasta machine! We don't know how, but somehow she figured out a way to create beautiful jewelry from none other than a pasta machine.

Bella Vita has quite the collection of Niki Gaffrey necklaces and bracelets in stock, but they are disappearing quickly! Everyone who comes through our doors comments on the unique nature of the pendants and leather, so if you want to experience Niki Gaffrey for yourself, you had better hurry.

If you have any questions, we would love to answer them so feel free to contact us.

Have a wonderful (hot!) weekend!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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“Welcome long, lazy summer days, sunburns and wet pool hair. Goodbye style and cute do's, see you in the fall”. Isn’t that what most women say when summer hits and you’re spending your time outside with the kiddo’s?  Well, that’s what they used to say, anyways. Now instead of dashing into the grocery store trying to go unnoticed, women all over the Mid South are strutting their stuff thanks to Bella Vita and our new Petal Head caps.

applique brown floral cap
Petal Head caps are enzyme washed to give them an ultra soft texture, and smooth, aged appearance. Each flower is cut from various fabric pieces and hand frayed to give each hat a distinct personality. The petals are then layered one on top of another to add flair and dimension. Each flower sprouts from a crystal rhinestone adhered in the center, and blossoms along the side of the military-style cap.

applique black floral cap
You can get your own Petal Head in either black or brown (or both!) with frayed flowers varying in color and pattern. Each flower is cut and frayed by hand, so each cap has its own personality. That's why the Bella Vita Girls love handmade items- each one is unique and completely yours!

We know how eager you must be to get your hands on these adorable caps, so go view the petal heads online to order your very own. If you're in the neighborhood we would love to see you, so stop by and check out the caps in person. We promise we're not bothered by your pool hair. (Secretly, we're just jealous!)

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Lollia is one of Bella Vita's newest additions, and it's here to stay. The luxurious scents, intricate packaging and wide range of products are just what us women need after a long day of working, chasing children or playing hard in the summer sun. Lollia offers everything from lotions to bath salts, bubble bath to perfumes, each with their own personality. The Bella Vita girls each have their favorite scent, and we can't help but pass by the tester lotions a few times a day!

Lollia packaging is every bit as luxurious as the product inside it. The bottles, the boxes and the bags are unique to each scent; capturing its depth and intrigue with each package. Stop by our website to view their packaging.

Lollia hand cream is the perfect combination of scent and moisture. The rich Shea Butter leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth without leaving behind a greasy film, and the dramatic scents are refreshing and invigorating to your senses.

lollia bath
Is there anything better than a nice, hot bath when you collapse after a long day? We think not! The only way to improve your "me time" is to add some Lollia bath salts. The floral infused salts scent your bathroom better than any candle, and the dissolved salts leave your skin silky smooth, just the way it should be.

To sample Lollia and test out each scent, stop by and see us at Bella Vita. If you don't have the luxury of stopping by the store, we love to see you online. You can view and purchase our Lollia products on our website and pick them up in the store, or have them shipped directly to your door.

Once you have tried Lollia, there will be no going back. All the Bella Vita girls are hooked! We know there are some of you who have tried Lolla, so feel free to leave a comment and let us know your favorite scent. We love to see what you like!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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