Sometimes you don’t need ornate, intricate detailing, or richly textured painting to adorn the frame surrounding your fondest memories. Sometimes, the simplest of materials and a minimal approach is all you need to showcase your favorite photograph. Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautifully detailed frame any day, but sometimes a simple frame is just what the photograph calls for.

Matchstix frames are just that- simple and refined with a healthy mix of rustic and elegant. Photographs of all sizes, subjects and colors pair effortlessly in a Matchstix frame. There is something about the way the photograph sits on top of the frame and mat, rather than under it, that makes the photograph stand out and take center stage.

matchstix frame display
The layering of the wood creates the traditional “mat and frame” look in an untraditional way. The layers of wood are of varying depths, which gives the frame both visual and tactile texture few can achieve. Whether on a tabletop or on the wall, the simplicity of Matchstix frames stand out and catch your eye.

Collage walls are ever so popular right now, so create one for your own home with Matchstix. By using different sizes and colors you can create a frame collage that is unique to you and your family. Try it down a hallway, above a sofa or above a bed.

Matchstix not only has frames of all sizes, they have “Life Blox” and magnet boards that mix great with the frames. The solid wood with metal and paper accents is the perfect backdrop for inspiring and uplifting quotes, while the magnet board is the perfect size to hold all your loose photographs or to-do lists.

The frames are designed and handcrafted right here in Collierville, TN, but they are taking off throughout the United States. We feel so lucky to have them in our own backyard, and to be able to offer you all the best Matchstix has to offer.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Bella Vita and take a look at the wood products Matchstix has to offer. Chances are we have just what you are looking for….and if we don’t, we’ll get it!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Jul 15 2010

Get Inspired!

Inspiration is everywhere. It can hit you anywhere, at anytime and most often when you least expect it. A good book, a photograph, a swatch of fabric or even the flavors in your last meal can all strike a chord in you. What you do with all that inspiration is up to you, but if it were up to the Bella Vita Girls, we would store it away in the back of our heads, tack it to a cork board, or file it in a binder. Why? Because even though inspiration is everywhere, it’s needed every day and your resources can deplete themselves very quickly! Having a special place to tuck away the bits of inspiring material means you will always have a way to tap into your creative side or feel uplifted during an especially difficult day.

Speaking of “your creative side”, have you ever sat down and tried to design or decorate a room? Whether it is a blank slate, or just in need of a little redecorating, it can be an overwhelming task, to say the least. Our favorite way to begin any design project, both big and small, is with a little inspiration. We pull from old magazine images we have loved since way back when, fabric swatches we saw and just couldn’t live without, photographs from our favorite vacation spot or even a memory in our mind that we have since put to paper. Having a foundation from which to sprout a design can be the difference between a stressful design experience and one filled with excitement and passion.

Not everyone who visits your home will know what inspired you (unless you tell them, that is), but they will all feel a sense of you, a sense of coordination and a sense of direction. They will be able to see how each room in your home is full of different elements that all pull together to create a whole. They won’t always see an origin, but they will always see the flow.

Take a look at a few examples we like. Even though we don’t know for sure what inspired the design, or which element in the room came first, we can definitely tell how each piece plays off one another, and which pieces pulled inspiration from others.

(Image courtesy of House Beautiful)
This vintage-inspired range is the feature piece in this kitchen. Everything from the rustic island, the copper pots and the butter yellow pottery play off its chic and industrial flair.

(Image courtesy of HGTV Dream Home 2010)
We love the way the designers of this space played off of the mosaic tile wall. The tile definitely makes a statement, both in its range of color as well as its unconventional application. The warm, deep salmon wall and accents of blue tie into the feature wall beautifully without competing for attention.  Once you have found your piece of inspiration (in this case, the tile), it's easy to determine the rest of the colors and textures in the space.

(Image courtesy of Sarah's House, Season 1)
The simple artwork is a great starting point for this girl-themed bedroom. The wall color, fabrics and patterns all play off of the natural, organic prints. We love the simple frames- they are such a great compliment to the calming walls and flooring, and really let the furniture do the "talking".

(Image courtesy of Sarah's House, Season 1)
For a continuous, harmonized look, carry upholstery used elsewhere in the space onto a different object. In this case, the chair and the bed share some of the same fabrics, while still standing out on their own.

(Image courtesy of Sarah's House, Season 3)
The designer behind this bedroom, Sarah Richardson, said that the vintage yellow and white quilt inspired the entire master bedroom. The simple design, bold colors and vintage appeal is seen throughout the room in Sarah's use of color, texture and in the beautiful furniture.

Next time you see, smell, taste or remember something that makes you smile, remember to capture it any way you can. You will want to draw on it later, we promise! We're lucky to be surrounded by beautiful objects, colors and people all day long at Bella Vita, and would love to pass some of it on to you. If you need help redecorating a room (or several) in your home, come visit with us, we would be honored to help you build your beautiful life.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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One of the easiest, least expensive ways to add new life to any room is with paint. And even though it’s not expensive, it can still be time consuming, messy and difficult to choose the right shade. We’ll help you figure all that paint stuff out later, but for now why don’t we offer you an even easier way to punch up a room? It’s called Off the Wall and it will add life, character and a certain pizazz to any room in your home. Their handmade, hand painted solid hardwood frames and crosses are more than just accessories. They are inspiring, bold and statement-making.

handmade wooden cross colorful
The ladies at Off the Wall have a unique building and faux finishing style that you will not find anywhere else. Their attention to detail is unmatched, guaranteeing you the best product possible. Their large wall crosses are built from solid hardwoods, and cut into three different styles. Each cross is embellished with either rustic wooden beadboard, hand lettered words, or antiqued metal flowers. If you have the space, they are truly stunning arranged in a grouping of three along the wall.

One of the biggest perks is that you can create custom pieces for your home. Colors and frame size can be specified, giving you the option to create the perfect art piece. If you stop by the store, we have a collection of frames, crosses, wall plaques and even furniture (yes, they do furniture!) for you to feast on and gather inspiration for your own Off the Wall piece. Take a second to visit our website, you can view their wall crosses and plaques, as well as view their frames.

If you have questions about custom orders or available stock feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to get you the answers you need, and get your home on its way to looking its best.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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