As the new school year kicks into full gear and football season creeps up on us, it's time to welcome fall in all it's glory. While it may still seem a bit too warm outside to pull out all of the fall decorations and deck the halls with your pumpkins, there's no better time to deck your door with a touch of the wonderful autumn season.

Pumpkin Burlee 

Our fantastic fall burlees are back in action and ready to dress up your door with unique, whimsical fall style. Perfect for welcoming the new season, these burlap constructed door hangers feature a cute owl, pumpkin or your favorite football team. Why settle for a boring wreath when you can have an updated door hanger that packs rustic and funky style with its hand painted design? 

Alabama Football Burlee

Tennessee Football Burlee

Say hello to a new season (and hopefully cooler weather soon!) in style with a unique burlee for your front door. Isn't the first impression everything, after all? 

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Friday Favorite: A Festive First Impression

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Perhaps the greatest thing about living in the south is the tradition that enriches our lives. Whether yours involves the gathering of family and friends, or the celebration of all things beautiful from one generation to the next, every tradition has a rich story to tell. The art of our incredibly talented Southern artist defines the tradition of creating a keepsake treasure that will add beauty and style to your home, creating a conversation piece for all of your get-togethers. Maybe one day your grandchildren will even argue over who will receive your Erich Emmenegger Pottery!

Initial Soap Dish

Erich Emmenegger's one-of-a-kind artistic collection will always remain memorable just like a classic tradition, thanks to its whimsical style and dainty, delicate details. We are pleased to announce the addition of a new line to his ever-interesting and colorful pottery repertoire, aptly entitled The Farmhouse Collection

Large Pitcher

Similar to the eclectic shapes and styles of his original pieces, each pottery design in the Farmhouse line is one of a kind, from shape to size and color palette. We think it's pretty fantastic to know that you're purchasing a piece that no one else will ever duplicate... don't you agree? The free form shapes and thick, chunky designs make these pitchers, bowls and containers evoke the feeling of stepping into a world of magic and wonder (think Alice and Wonderland!). 

See below for your chance to win this Farmhouse collection vase!

--- Giveaway is now closed ---

To celebrate a new take on an old classic tradition, we're excited to give away a piece from the Farmhouse Collection to one of our special customers. Head over to our Facebook page and tell us you favorite family tradition and you'll qualify for a chance to win your own statement making Farmhouse piece, as shown above. A winner will be selected at random Tuesday afternoon (August 14)  at 5pm CST, so stay tuned into Facebook to see if you're the lucky one!

Celebrate tradition, both new and old. The days when you being passing down collectibles to your loved ones will be here before we know it. My how time flies!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Jun 13 2012

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that make life worth living. A little smile, a bite of chocolate... so many of the smallest details can add so much to the routine of every day. Perhaps one of the most rewarding of these things is the ability to organize all of the little things in your life, and in your home. The days of plastic canisters are over, though. Welcome to a world where presentation is everything-- even for the minor details.

Our glass jar trios make the perfect rustic catch-all for everything from party utensils to bathroom necessities. It's the perfect way to bring a touch of easy style to even the smallest items in your world, and we love the rustic look that the vintage jars bring to any space. In the spirit of making your life as easy as possible, we've compiled a few of our favorite ways to use these little guys, making the most of their abilities to keep you organized and put together.

Fresh flowers

Flower Display

For a simple touch of style, try displaying a small bundle of fresh flowers in each of the three jars. You'll love the delicate beauty that they add to your space, and the way that they instantly brighten a room. We love the idea of combining combinations of brightly colored blooms for the summer season!

Cutlery Display

For all of your outdoor entertaining, you'll need a classy way to present the often forgotten eating accessories. Why not keep the dinnerware organized by separating forks, spoons and knives into each glass jar? What a simple way to keep things stylish and put together-- right down to the smallest details!

Toiletry Necessities

There's no need to crowd the countertop with unattractive storage containers. Keep your bathroom utensils in check by placing toothbrushes, q-tips and cotton balls in each of the rustic glass jars. Not only will you have easy access to your most necessary objects, but they'll look great as a rustic decorative accent. We think this would be a great place for storing makeup brushes, too.

Just because the living's easy during summertime does not mean it's appropriate to slack when it comes to the little things in life. Keep the smallest details in check stylishly, and you'll have even more time to relax!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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