Jan 14 2013

Hello, Copper!

Looking to add a bit of rustic style to your home, but not sure how to do it? No worries, friend. Bringing elements of the great outdoors inside is easier than ever, and we're here to prove it. With the simple addition of a few copper accents into your favorite spaces, you'll be on your way to the look that is all the rage in today's home decor world. The Copperworx collection was created just for adding character with minimal effort!


Have a coffee or end table in need? Add a copper planter filled with decorative balls or pine cones for an earthy feel. With three different sizes to choose from, you can even create a dining room table centerpiece or a more dramatic look on a mantle or buffet. The cookbook stand is perfect for displaying your favorite recipes, or gifting to a friend who loves to cook. The luminaire set brings eclectic character to your mantle or shelves, and the sparkle of a lit flame looks extra snazzy as it bounces off the glow of real copper! 

See? With so many options, adding rustic, re-purposed character to your home has never been so easy. Now your only dilemma is which item you'll choose...Oh come on, make it easy on yourself and just get them all! 

Shop Copperworx on our website

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Out With the Old, In With the New

Precious Metal

Hutch Makeover

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It's a new year, which means it's time for an update. Whether you choose to update your wardrobe, your attitude or your home, we hope you'll take the time to embrace all things new and exciting. After all, isn't that what the new year is all about? We particularly like the idea of conducting a little home refresh, and clearing out all things old and outdated. Not sure where to begin? Allow us to help with a few of our favorite easy updates that will instantly breathe new life into your favorite spaces!

Picture frames

Matchstix picture frameMatchstix frame

You can't go wrong with a unique photo display, and our collection of eye catching frames is just the ticket to your very own wall photo gallery. Whether you choose to go simple with a single large frame or combine the styles of multiple looks, a rustic styled wooden or repurposed frame is the perfect way to give your precious photos a little "oomph". Choose a style with extra color or texture and bring even more life to your design scheme.

Bold and Colorful Pottery

Spirit Song PotterySpirit Song Pottery

Need a new centerpiece? Grab a piece or two from our collection of pottery and you're good to go. From vases and dishes to crosses for hanging, each piece in the Erich Emmenegger and Spirit Song collections was created for the sole purpose of adding spirit and energy to your home decor style. The bright colors and whimsical prints created by both artists add a lively, eclectic style, and with minimal effort. If rustic is more your cup of tea, Heartfelt pottery has the perfect piece for you. With shades of turquoise, rust and brown, the traditional elements of each piece add a bit of Bohemian flair and a whole lot of unique style to your tables and shelves.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillow Display

Liven up your couches, chairs and beds with the addition of a stylish throw pillow or two. Our collection features just the right amount of trendy and classic style to keep things interesting in your coziest places. Choose from the popular burlap texture for a neutral, rustic feel, bright colors or patterns for a bit of pop, elements of nature for a Bohemian touch or ruffles and blooms for feminine detail. With so many options, you can't go wrong!

Pine Cone Hill Bedding

Pine Cone Hill beddingPine Cone Hill Bedding

How long has it been since you changed out your bedspread? We think it's time to say goodbye to the one you received when you got married so many years ago and replace it with something luxurious, something beautiful. A Pine Cone HIll quilt is perfect for bringing the cozy comfort of home into your bedroom while keeping in touch with all things stylish and beautiful. Whether you prefer to keep things neutral with a solid or venture into the world of prints, you'll love jumping into bed when the new look is complete. You might even enjoy making the bed, too! (Okay, we won't hold our breath, but it's worth a shot!)

Original Art

Sarah Robertson PaintingSarah Robertson painting

Nothing says update like an original piece of canvas art. Our artists feature scenes that hit home, bringing in recognizable elements of Southern life and the undeniable beauty of nature. Whether you prefer something large to work on its own, or something a bit smaller to fill an empty wall or mantle space, you'll love the life that the breathtaking scenes bring. Works from EMYO, Sarah Robertson and Cecel Allee are sure to please any style preference-- this is one precious investment!

Now what are you waiting for? In with the new!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Original Art, Original Artists

If Your Walls Could Talk...

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You have the perfect painting hanging on the wall, the ideal knick knack, trinkets and books arranged on the shelves and end tables and the furniture- could it be more cozy? Everything is in its place, yet, you just can't shake the feeling that something is missing from the room...

Dash and Albert Rugs

If you find yourself in this scenario as you tidy your home and dress it up with your style, there's no need to stress about a solution. Our collection of rugs features enough style to complete your every look, all the while remaining understated and classic enough to work as a team with the other parts of your design scheme. Available in the most practical woven cotton and wool tufted constructions, each rug features enough character and style to finish your entire home look, bringing a complete, put-together decorative scheme from the walls all the way down to the tips of your toes. What's more, Dash and Albert is even featuring a vintage, antique style in their new collection. All of the character of the old days meets the practicality of a must-have rug collection, giving you endless options for the perfect look to cover your floors.

Dash and Albert Rugs

15% Off Dash & Albert Rugs

We mean it when we say that there's a rug available for any style and every space, too. Prefer something classic? You'll love the selection of neutral striped patterns. Need a statement making look? There are plenty of bright colors and funky prints to choose from, too. From door mats for the back door or patio, to rugs for the kitchen and larger spaces like those hard wood floors, the Dash and Albert styles were created for indoor/outdoor use. Plus, they're easy to maintain and only require a toss in the washer to refresh their look.  As if all of these wonderful things weren't enough, we're giving you 15% off our collection of Dash and Albert rugs this week.  The discount will be applied to all rugs in stock and those requiring a special order. 

What are you waiting for? Come on in, we have you covered!

Shop Dash and Albert on the Bella Vita website, too.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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You'll be floored!

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