Emily Ozier, or EMYO as most of you know her by, has truly become a local and regional favorite over the years. 

EMYO Canvas Art - Side by Side - Central Park, NYC"Side by Side - Central Park, NYC"

With her unique and identifiable scenes, EMYO continues to wow us with her artistic creations. 

EMYO Canvas Art Up Ducks, Up"Up Ducks, Up"

From elements of nature to recognizable locales visited during her travels, she always finds the perfect way to create an unforgettable masterpiece.

Emily Ozier Canvas Art" Life Is Full, Bright and Lovely"

Emily studied in Italy with an impressionist master, focusing on a method passed down from the impressionist painter John Singer Sargent. The daughter of a Cuban American, Emily's expressive style and bold strokes may find their origins in her Spanish roots.

EMYO with Her Six ChildrenEmily Ozier With Her Beautiful Children / Photography by Allison Rodgers

Not only is Emily Ozier a very talented artist, but she is a wonderful mother. Emily and her husband John reside on a five acre farm in Germantown, TN with their six children. Emily is very passionate;about children's education. She teachers her children at home using a classical education model with much emphasis on Literature and the Arts. 

Emily has stated that if you step into their home, you might find violins being played, The Secret Garden being read aloud, the Greek Olympics being acted out, and of course, paintings being created by all members of the family. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?

EMYO Life on the Greenline Trunk ShowEMYO Trunk Show Featuring Shelby County's Greenways - Saturday, October 26

We hope you will join us on Saturday, October 26 and meet Emily as she shares her personal experiences and visions behind her works. Bring the Greenline straight to your door with Emily's colorful new collection. Inspired by adventures along  Shelby County's lush greenways, her new series is a reminder to take a moment to soak up the scenery, naturally.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Oct 17 2013

Pick of the Patch

By now, your pumpkins are picked, hay bales stacked, and maybe even your jack-o-lantern carved! But are you still looking to give your fall décor a little something extra this season? 

15% Off All Fall Decor

Bella Vita's festive fall door hangers and Off the Wall wooden plaques add just the right touch of fun to freshen up any space. Plus, starting today, they are all 15% off!

Jack O' Lantern Door Hanger

Whether it’s the door to your home, business or classroom, our whimsical autumn door hangers and unique rustic plaques, do just the trick to treat your door to some fun this season. Hang up a polka-dotted pumpkin or a Happy Halloween plaque, and you are certain to greet all your guests with a cheerful and festive welcome. 

Turkey Tin Door Decor 

Front door already taken by your favorite fall wreath? Put up a colorful turkey or a silly ghost on your kids' bedroom doors. These additions are sure to get them even more excited for the festivities of the season, while also brightening the interior of your home! 

More Than Just Door Decor

Off the Wall Halloween Wall Plaque

Thinking beyond the door, our Off the Wall wooden plaques are also the perfect size to display on your mantle or entry table. They provide both a subtle and warm seasonal flair, with the versatility to blend with any décor.

Off the Wall Give Thanks Word Plaque

Furthermore, use one to spice up your desk at work. Among all your files and post it notes, a small nod to fall or a reminder to Give Thanks is sure to brighten up not only your desk, but your mood as well! 

Off the Wall Boo Word Plaque

And don't forget these items also make for excellent gifts! Whether it’s as a fall festival giveaway, an October Bunco prize or just a thank you happy, these items are certain to put a smile on anyone's face and a spirit for the season in their home and heart!

Fast Five: Fun Uses for Fall Décor 

1. Fence Gate
2. Classroom Door
3. Work Cubicle
4. Deck or Patio
5. Bunco Prize

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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Allison Rodgers Photography is a nationally recognized and award winning portrait studio located in Collierville, Tennessee. Allison specializes in unique custom images for maternity, newborn, toddler, young children, tweens, teens, seniors, family, engagement, weddings or commercial jobs. Whatever the request, Allison and her staff can create pieces that truly tell your story.

Telling a Sweet Story 

One of the ways I come up with new products for the studio is to shoot something I would love to have for my own family. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite ARPproducts - The Silhouette.

 Allison Rodgers Photography Silhouette

I love these pieces because at first glance most don't even realize its a photograph, but upon a closer look they realize it's an image that tells such a sweet story.  We see our kids everyday, but do we really always SEE them? An image like the silhouette helps you do just that - it helps you see their sweet details. 

Allison Rodgers Photography

These silhouettes are of my girls - Fable and Ever. When I first shot them, I notice how the shape of Fable's face was changing, she looks so beautiful and elegant. And my sweet Ever still had some baby chub and roundness to her face that is almost gone now. Details like how long their eyelashes are, the shape of their lips, that sparkle in their eyes - I could just stare at them forever! 

Choosing the Best Time to Create

Allison Rodgers Photography

The best age to create the The Silhouette is any time after your child turns 2. Some of our ARPfamilies choose a specific age (like 4) and create The Silhouette for all of their children at that same age. I chose to create mine at the same time to show the age difference in my girls. Either way is great. 

Creating Your Piece of Art

Allison Rodgers Photography

The Silhouette can be created in three different sizes : 12x12, 20x20 or 30x30. 

Allison Rodgers Photography Silhouette

It is printed on Fine Art Velvet paper, has hand-torn edges, and is float mounted into a silk lined shadow box frame. 

Allison Rodgers Photography

We also love to add the child's name and age.

Allison Rodgers Photography

I loved creating this for myself and I love creating it for my ARPfamilies. The Silhouette is a piece steeped in tradition with a new contemporary twist.


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