We've all been faced with the dilemma- on the rare occassion that we've ordered actual prints of our latest collection of photos, we can't seem to find a place for them. But don't let those priceless memories sit on the table or shelf collecting dust for one second longer. We have just the solution you've been seeking, and it comes in the form of a sale!

This week only, enjoy 15% off all picture frames on the Bella Vita website. From rustic to unique and statement making, we have the perfect frame to display your friends and family in all their photographic glory. We even have a few new looks recently added to our collection, and we're dying to share them with you! 

Off the Wall

off the wall new frame

The people that brought you the wooden wall decor that you can't get enough of are back with a line of frames, ideal for housing all of your favorite photos. Each one features the same look of repurposed wooden boards and the industrial style of glass just the right size for slipping in your images. Available in a variety of colors, these are the perfect way to add a pop of energy to a space in need, or to bring extra character to your home with a more neutral, rustic look.


matchstix hanger frame

Did somebody say new frames? The crew at Matchstix, who has always created the perfect combination of practicality and style for holding your precious mementos, is back in action with a couple of new styles for their collection. The Hanger frame does double-duty as a picture frame and loss prevention system for your keys, necklaces or other items. The fun frame is a petite sized, multi-colored block perfect for holding your best snapshots. 

matchstix fun frame

As if these fantastic additions weren't enough, we have a wide variety of uniquely artistic and textured frames for you to check out, too. Basically, we're giving you yet another excuse to do a little cyber shopping, and there's no reason to wait one second longer. After all, those photos will look much better on display than they do in a dusty pile! Happy online shopping!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Feb 06 2013

Show Her the Love!

When Valentine's Day rolls around, there are often three go-to gifts that shoppers depend on: flowers, chocolate and jewelry. We're all about new jewels, but think it's time to think outside the box when it comes to showing the special lady in your life how much you love her. This year, why not rethink the monotony of the Valentine's gift and shower her with something as unique and character-filled as she is? 

We know you're a busy bee, so we're here to help take away the stress of choosing the perfect gift, too. Without further adieu, may we introduce you to our favorite picks for Valentine's Day gifts for the special woman in your life! 

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts

10. Matchstix Love Frame

Matchstix love frame

Share your most special memories with Mom by giving her the gift of this beautifully rustic wooden frame. Perfect for keeping her favorite photos on display, this frame packs the simple style and functionality that every Mom adores.

9. Petite Initial Plates

Petite initial plates

Give Mom the gift of a personal touch with this collection of pint sized plates. Dainty in design and classic enough for all of her hostess duties, these plates will bring instant style to her ordinary snack-serving routine. Plus, she'll be able to use them for years and years to come!

8. Visible Faith Custom Tag

VFJC Extra large God Tag

Always a favorite, God Tags are the perfect way to express a special sentiment to Mom that she can keep for ages and wear close to her heart. The new, extra large size enables even more special text to fit within the tag, and Mom is sure to treasure the thought that you put into this piece of unique jewelry.

7. New Ronaldo Bracelets

Ronaldo new bracelets

Our newest additions to the Ronaldo bracelet collection are just right for the mama who longs for all things lovely. The elegance of each bracelet will help Mom to dress up even the most casual outfits, and the timeless beauty of classic silver and gold will carry her into all of her future festivities with the utmost style.

6. Rewined Candle

Rewined candle

Nothing says "relax and unwind" like a good glass of wine. Give Mom the same tranquility that she feels after a good glass of her favorite flavor, but in the form of a candle. These natural, soy candles will add warmth and relaxation into her busy schedule the second their wick is lit. Add in the stylish, re-purposed wine holder and you have a calming reward for even her craziest days.

5. Barr Co. Bath Products

Barr Co. bath products

Speaking of unwinding, Barr Co. products are a fantastic way to pamper Mom with her own at-home spa treatment. With shea butter within the soap, bath salt and lotion recipes, Mom will feel the luxury of soft skin and refreshment without leaving the comfort of her own home. Nothing says refreshing like a good spa experience!

4. Ronda Smith Necklace

Ronda Smith necklace

Every gal needs a little drama in her jewelry collection, and Ronda Smith designs were created just for that. Simple enough for most any occasion, yet bold enough to make a statement, each necklace in this collection features unique details and vintage inspired designs that are one part edgy, rock star style and another part beauty and glamour.

3. Gathering of Friends, Volume 5

Gathering of Friends cookbook

Help Mom out with dinner with the newest edition of our favorite cookbook! The Gathering of Friends collection of recipes has returned with yet another installment of fabulous appetizers, main courses and desserts, along with fool proof ways to display and serve in ways that will wow your guests. You can't go wrong with this gift, and you might even reap the benefits of a few tasty treats!

2. Scout Tote 

Scout tote bag

It's no surprise that Mom is one busy, on-the-go lady, so help her stay organized with the gift of a must-have tote bag. One of our favorites, the Scout tote, is back in full force with fantastic new styles for the spring season. She'll love the bright colors, funky prints and space that will help her go from work to gym to errands without losing a thing! New styles just arrived-- call the store to order! 901-850-0892

1. Erich Emmenegger Pottery Vase

Erich Emmenegger Pottery vase

There's no denying Mom's uniqueness and beauty, and a piece of Erich Emmenegger pottery is the perfect way to complement her every irreplaceable quality. The bright colors and whimsical shapes are ideal for making a statement in any design scheme, and most importantly, bringing instant energy and life to her day. After all, that's what she does for you, so why not return the favor?

Here's to you, Mom and the fabulous Valentine's Day gift that she's going to adore!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Jan 14 2013

Hello, Copper!

Looking to add a bit of rustic style to your home, but not sure how to do it? No worries, friend. Bringing elements of the great outdoors inside is easier than ever, and we're here to prove it. With the simple addition of a few copper accents into your favorite spaces, you'll be on your way to the look that is all the rage in today's home decor world. The Copperworx collection was created just for adding character with minimal effort!


Have a coffee or end table in need? Add a copper planter filled with decorative balls or pine cones for an earthy feel. With three different sizes to choose from, you can even create a dining room table centerpiece or a more dramatic look on a mantle or buffet. The cookbook stand is perfect for displaying your favorite recipes, or gifting to a friend who loves to cook. The luminaire set brings eclectic character to your mantle or shelves, and the sparkle of a lit flame looks extra snazzy as it bounces off the glow of real copper! 

See? With so many options, adding rustic, re-purposed character to your home has never been so easy. Now your only dilemma is which item you'll choose...Oh come on, make it easy on yourself and just get them all! 

Shop Copperworx on our website

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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