There are few wedding gifts brides delight over as much as their dinnerware. We think it has something to do with dishes making a house feel like a home, and homemade meals feel like special events. From newlywed burnt dinners and in-law get togethers to kid-friendly culinary trials and 6 o'clock family sit downs, dishes are one item that can stand the test of time. And they can follow you, as your family grows from a union of two into a bustling unit of four or five... or more! 

Bella Vita recognizes the significance and fondness brides have for their place settings and dinnerware, and helping you register for yours is one of our favorite aspects of our job! So, as you think about your place setting creation, take a peek at some of our favorite ensembles, combining Casafina, Good Earth Pottery, and Fortunata.

Compliment with Color with Casafina

Casafina place setting mixture
Place setting shown includes a Casafina Meridian dinner plate in cream, Fortunata Casa Mia salad plate in Oyster, Good Earth Pottery bowl in Bluebird, and Casafina Vintage Port coffee mug in cream

Place setting ideas and options are endless, especially with Casafina dinnerware. With a variety of collections from classic to modern, Casafina makes for an ideal option to mix and match with, both within itself and with other brands (like Good Earth and Fortunata). 

It's also a great choice for adding in a little splash of color, whether subtle or stand out. Create a spa-inspired kitchen with Casafina's soft, pale blue mixed-in, or set the stage for a dynamic dining area with a vibrant burst of red. Whatever your vision, Casafina can help make it come to life. 

Perfectly Patterned with Good Earth Pottery

Good Earth Pottery place setting
Place setting shown includes a Forunata Buon Appetito dinner plate in Grey, Good Earth Pottery salad plate in Sparrow, Casafina Meridian soup/cereal bowl in cream, and Good Earth coffee mug in Sparrow

Transform your kitchen or dinner table into one of warmth and originality with Good Earth Pottery pieces. This line is known for combining earth-toned colors and bold patterns to create one-of-kind rustic, chic place settings for you to rejoice over.

With a variety of collections and pieces, this exceptional brand makes for the perfect pop to neutral dishes and the statement-worthy brilliance to set you a part from the rest of the block!

Taste of Texture with Fortunata

Fortunata dinnerware
Place setting shown includes a Fortunata Casa Mia dinner plate and cereal bowl in Seafoam and Fortunata Buon Appetito salad plate and coffee mug in White

The adaptability of neutral-colored dishes makes them such an asset and a go-to option. From kitchen to kitchen and table to table, neutral colors can compliment any style or color change. But don't think neutral has to mean boring. 

Textured pieces, like Fortunata's Casa Mia line, make ideal options for breathing new life into a neutral setting, as shown above. They are also a great way to simply spice up your dinnerware and give it an unexpected uniqueness. You'll love the fun flair and versatility this charming, ceramic collection offers.

Appointments Appreciated 

We want your Bella Vita bridal registering experience to be efficient, effective, and a ton of fun! So, to make the most of this process, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. This way one of our Bella Vita girls is ready when you walk in the door, to show you all we have to offer! 

See you soon!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping us bring our home to a style all our own. - Stephanie

A Simple Technique 

The most common small design project I face is what to do with exposed bookshelves.  Clients and friends frequently come to me needing help with empty or tired shelving, or newly designed rooms that call for these finishing touches.

The Singley’s home office houses a large bakery cabinet that Stephanie and I fell in love with.  The cabinet has plenty of hidden storage space on the bottom half, and visible shelves behind old glass window panes on the top half.  Since we could start from scratch on their shelves, I wanted to do something really unusual.  I realize books, even unbound books, are not that unique, but I wanted to fill the entire cabinet with them.  In fact, I really just wanted to pile them behind the glass.  We located over 250 unbound books, which I strategically tossed inside the cabinet to create a whimsical texture behind the antique brasserie table and cowhide chair.

While my objective is always for each of my design projects to be unique, I have a few bookshelf decorating rules that I follow…

1. Stay Organized

Open bookshelves can look sloppy and overwhelming quickly, when just used for storage.  They should be a captivating window into the homeowner’s life… first, meeting functional needs, and second, serving as a gallery of collections or interesting collectables. 

Organizing and simplifying the objects on display can go a long way, and placing like objects on the top few or bottom few shelves can help ground the arrangement.    

2. Don’t Overcrowd

Each of the shelves does not have to equal.  Sometimes, centering a single object on one shelf and allowing it to stand alone adds more interest than it takes away.  By simplifying the display, certain pieces will become more visable.

While all of the Singley’s shelves are full, some are more heavily piled with books than others.  It’s organized without feeling too planned because the shelves are not equal, and there are only a few miscellaneous objects of interest throughout the books.

3. Create Collections

Collections are most impressive when displayed together.  If the items are large enough, the bookshelves could serve as an art gallery for the collection. Such simplicity can be refreshing and charming.  Otherwise, a smaller collection of like objects neatly placed throughout the bookshelves can actually help the shelves feel more intentional and organized.

Image Courtesy of Veranda

Image Courtesy of Rhea Crenshaw

Image Source Unknown

Image Courtesy of Suzanne Kasler

Image Courtesy of The Iron Gate Interiors

This is what I love about the Singley’s bookshelves.  The massive collection of unbound books fills the shelves with texture and interest, but remains simplistic.  

4. Use Books

Books belong on bookshelves, and they add great texture.  If possible, simplify the graphics by removing book jackets or even turning and stacking books to reveal the paper edges instead of an ugly binding or stark title. Stacking and leaning books like this also makes the space feel more touchable and livable. It’s even better if the books are similar in color.  

One of my favorite accessories in my own home is a collection of law books that belonged to my two grandfathers.  Bindings range from black cracking leather, to navy blue, and a dusty faded grey. They are great fillers and risers throughout the shelves and tables in my home.  

5. Create Texture

Combining different textures throughout a set of open bookshelves will create a lot of dimension.  As I mentioned before, books are a great way to do this. Stacking, leaning, and exposing tattered pages will add interest to book-only shelves. 

I used this technique in the Singley’s home office with backless bound books.  I also included a few odd objects and photos to personalize the office.  

Natural elements can also add unexpected texture.  Coral, turtle shells, and driftwood are some of my favorite additions.

So, as you venture into building your bookcase arrangement, remember these tips to create a simple, yet breathtakingly beautiful style all your very own.


Becca Gaines is an Interior Designer in the Memphis area. She lives at Home in Collierville with her husband Jake, and 17 month old Jovie. Becca is a graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and is registered as an Interior Designer with the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering Examiners. She’s also been awarded certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Oh yeah, and she worked as an intern at Looney Ricks Kiss Architects too.

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Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping Brent and I design the living spaces of our home. - Stephanie

When the Singley's asked me to decorate their home for their Christmas event, I knew it was going to be a fun project!  Bella Vita is always one of my favorite Christmas decorating inspirations.  Each year I look forward to their window displays and ornament assortment.  

Oh, but this year!... I had the privilege of rummaging through incoming Christmas shipments like a kid in a candy store!  With armloads of ornaments and a silly grin, it was hard for me to remember to finish my question “Can I have these?” with “…for your Christmas trees, Stephanie?”

First and Foremost, The Invite

We teamed up with the extremely talented and creative Rachel Fisher to come up with an invite that would convey the importance and creativity of the party itself, and to create a little buzz before the event!

I felt like the Singley’s home called for Christmas décor that was simple, but in no way skimpy.  Many of those friends who would be attending the event had not seen their home since the renovation of the living room, so there would be lots of changes to see already, which meant that Christmas decorations needed to accent their existing décor. 

The Tree(s)

The only real challenge was determining the placement of the Christmas tree.  We didn’t want to rearrange anything to accommodate the tree or  block any of the walkways with a Christmas party in the works.  And like I said, it certainly couldn’t look skimpy.  

So instead of one tree, we did three!  The grouping of three slender, lusciously flocked Christmas trees gave us the fullness and presence we wanted without rearranging the room or a large diameter invading the walking space. 

The Tree Baskets

christmas trees in baskets

One of my favorite Christmas decorating tricks is to place an artificial tree into a basket or bucket. This gives the tree height, eliminates a flat dusty tree skirt, and balances the visual weight of the tree even before presents are added.  

The Ornaments

My favorite part!  The combination of silver dusted organic and natural ornaments with heavy mercury glass, and a few sweet linen-tailed birds was the inspiration and summation of all of the Christmas décor in their home.  This elegant combination exemplified the same personality as the existing interior, with a hint more glamour in honor of the celebration of the birth of a Savior.

These stunning trees were the first piece, and the most time consuming piece, to the puzzle.  Being artificial, they could go up in November with no worry of wilting.  

Then, there were a few other key areas in need of a décor focal for an event…

The Sun Room Table

table with jingle bell trees
Rusty jingle bell trees were just enough to tie in the living room trees without overwhelming the main serving area.

The Dining Room Sideboard

This is one of the first things guests see as they approach and enter the Singley’s home.  Blown glass finials were just formal enough and fun enough to accent the chic dining room.

The Office

office with reindeer decor
Still a work in progress, this space allowed for a rustic reindeer trio and a few pine cone trees that were decorative, yet masculine to properly execute Brent's subdued work space.

A week before the event, the final touches were added...

Live Additions

I love the soft drape of live garland, the natural fluff of plain live wreaths, and the subtle winter smell they bring inside…without the maintenance that a live tree requires.  Plus, live garland is a great way to fill in around larger decorations, without getting too fussy.  

I tucked Noble Fir garland and branches around the living room, and across the dining sideboard for fullness. Wreaths were added to main entries and two cabinets inside the home.  In adding one wreath to the corner cabinet in the sun room, and a pair of wreaths to the bakery cabinet in the office, I was careful to make sure all of these wreaths were spaced far enough apart to avoid feeling redundant.

I sat down with a local florist to discuss designs for a few live arrangements.  Just like the main Christmas décor, these arrangements should accent the interior without taking command.  All floral arrangements were a combination of evergreens and mixed white flowers.  


christmas decor

With such a great assortment to choose from, I combined two of Bella Vita's styles, a weave jute ribbon and paired it with a slightly more glamorous tattered burlap ribbon with gold thread detail. Bows on the banister and loops to hold the wreaths were all the live Noble Fir needed to blend with the full and simple holiday décor throughout the Singley’s home.

Scented Candles

Another one of my favorite event “secrets” is to create a signature scent for the experience.  Candles are great decorative fillers, and are also festive and romantic while burning.  I strategically placed Bella Vita’s contemporary Magnum Votives around the central part of the home, two of Southern Soy Scent's “Christmas Nectar” candles upstairs in the bonus room, and two stunning Hurricane candles by Himalayan Soy Candles among the jingle bell trees in the sun room.  

Party Favors

mistletoe bundles

Last but not least, the final piece of the puzzle had to be as sweet and charming as the Singley's and their festive home. We compiled individually wrapped bundles of mistletoe on the foyer bench for the guests to take a bit of the celebration along with them as they departed.

The event was an unforgettably magical night that I was thrilled to have been apart of. After all, with simplistic, yet elegant decor and several guests in attendance spreading glad tidings and cheer, it was impossible to not have felt the spirit of the holiday all throughout the home.


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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Like you, I love all things beautiful. The word. The life. The way it makes your soul feel warm and cozy. So curl up with the Girls at Bella Vita as we share our lives with you- our families and friends, our inspirations and ideas, our homes and nests- quite simply, our take on creating a beautiful life.
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