Are you a successful career woman with your first house, a blushing bride-to-be or even a recent empty nester? Either way, it’s time to update and upgrade your dinnerware!

There are so many types to choose from these days, it’s hard to know where to begin, much less what color, style or material you want. The fun part is you don’t have to pick just one!

We want you to be excited when making the decisions, not for it to be an overwhelming task. So to help you get started, we put some of our favorite pieces together incorporating all of our dinnerware lines. These are just a few, as the possibilities are endless!

Blend of Colors and Textures

Bella Vita Dinnerware
For a more contemporary feel with a neutral color scheme, we paired Fortunata Casa Mia dinner plate in oyster with a Casafina Meridian decorated salad plate. Finish the look with a Good Earth small chili bowl in celery to tie it all in. We love the contrast of colors and mixture of textures in this setting!

An Easy Holiday Update

Bella Vita Dinnerware
Are you looking to spruce up your place setting for your Thanksgiving Day guests by the simple addition of a new and colorful salad plate? Here, we have added a Fortunata Bon Appetito salad plate in terra with a cream Casafina Vintage Port dinner plate and a Casafina Madeira Harvest bowl in cream. 

Feminine and Timeless

Bella Vita Dinnerware
The Fortunata Buon Appetito dinner plate in grey and the Casafina Meridian salad plate in blue is such a classic combo. We love the pop of color that the Good Earth bowl provides, yet it's easy to change out should you grow tried of it. The scalloped detail of the Casafina plate is so feminine and timeless.  

Fun and Festive

Bella Vita Dinnerware
Add a little fun and festivity to your holiday season with the latest metallic collection from Good Earth. Here, we have mixed in a Casafina Meridian decorated dinner plate in cream with Good Earth's bronze and silver metallic salad plate along with a silver metallic small chili bowl.  So eye catching!

Southern Traditions

Bella Vita Dinnerware
Combine true traditions of the South with Casafina and Good Earth pottery. The richness of color and detail of Good Earth's blue bird dinner plate and rice bowl is nicely offset by the subtlety of Casafina's Vintage Port salad plate in cream. 

All of our dinnerware lines offer an extensive list of options, so stop by to see these gorgeous pieces in person. As always, we are here to help you find what suits your needs and personality. 

And the next time someone shows up unannounced for dinner, you will dazzle them with your tablescape and most definitely achieve optimal serving status!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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