Luxe By Virtue

Luxury waits for no one. You've gotta claim it and we can name it: Luxe by Virtue. We're in love with this beautiful new line featuring luxurious material and designs, heavy beading, and unique detailing. With Luxe, hand crafted and now available at Bella Vita, everyday luxury is only an arm's length away. We are so excited to introduce you to a fun new twist on the original collection by Virtue Jewelry!

Luxe By Virtue Necklace

Luxe By Virtue Bracelet

Luxe By Virtue Necklace

Luxe By Virtue Necklace

Luxe brings you all of what you already love about Virtue jewelry plus more moxie. Beads, stones, and leather tassels embrace all that's natural coupled with metallic gold and sparkly studs to crank your look up a notch. Dangle a long necklace over your favorite tee or roll up the sleeves of your spring jean jacket with a layered bracelet. The sky's the limit. With Luxe by Virtue you'll upgrade in style and spirit. View More Luxe By Virtue

Show Your Natural Beauty

Captivate your natural beauty with these fabulous new pieces from Virtue's original collection! Featuring delicate beading, natural stones, leather, and a little sparkle, it's definitely a new favorite line! This collection is packed with style, all while being easy to wear. Don't be afraid to mix and match--the wide range colors and textures are meant to compliment each other for a perfect layered look! View More Virtue Original Jewelry

Virtue Cross Druzy Necklace

Virtue Large Tassel Necklace

Virtue Hammered Tube Bracelets

Virtue Gemstone Necklace

Virtue Hammered Tube Bracelets

Virtue Tassel Necklace

Virtue Jewelry Gemstone Earrings

Personalize It

Virtue itself is unique, but they also offer a completely customized look with their lovely monogrammed pieces! The monogrammed earrings feature any initial of your choice, and the disc necklace is a staff favorite with tons of bead color options and two monogram font options! Each of our customers are unique, and we love that we can offer personalized pieces to fit any style!

Virtue Jewelry Monogrammed Earring

Virtue Jewelry-Monogrammed Disc and Druzy Necklaces

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