Introducing Hila Designs

cross pearl necklace

Finding jewelry that you can incorporate into your everyday clothing is rare. We all want simple pieces that easily compliment what we're wearing but still give our outfit an extra spark. With our newest jewelry collection, your search for these coveted pieces comes to an end. Introducing, Hila Designs, an exquisite line that beautifully combines quality and craftsmanship with artistic, originality.

A Designer is Born

The artist's love for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces came at young age, through weekend trips with her dad to hardware and leather stores. A seemingly boring errand for a young girl, over time she began to see the beauty in random, hardware items beyond their given purpose, and also how they could be combined with ordinary items in nature to form symbolic jewelry pieces.

To this day, she continues to stroll the aisles of hardware stores looking for everyday, unassuming items to give her ideas for new designs. She has a special gift of taking what looks to be old or mundane and turning it into something special. From an old, broken tree branch and a beaten up hardware store washer, she can create a beautiful, jewelry treasure.

Casually Charming

silver pearl necklace

Hila's creations are pieces that you can easily wear every day. Perfect for livening up a simple T-shirt, sweater, or dress, these delicate pieces make complimenting an outfit, effortless. Full of unique charms and chain designs set into 14K gold and brushed in a satin finish, it's a collection that offers stunning, high-quality pieces that easily blend a dainty look with an earthy vibe.

So, if you're having a business lunch, lunch date, or date night, Hila Designs are handy, go-to pieces to reach for. They compliment with just the right touch of sparkle and shine, and ensure your outfit is a unique one!

Enjoy these everyday pieces, every day!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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