Oh hello, holidays! We’re ready for time with family, presents under the tree, and lots and lots of food. This year we’re decking the halls with plenty of fresh greenery and Etta B Pottery, of course! Shop the look, get inspired, & make it yours.


A Home for the Holidays

Spread fresh greenery over a neutral table runner to create a simple centerpiece. We grabbed our greens from the new Trader Joe's in Germantown for a steal! And for this long table, we doubled up on the table runner to make it extend past the ends of the table.

These three metal jointed vases are some of the most versatile accents we have at Bella Vita! Stagger clear vases around the greenery and fill with holly berries. You can find holly at most florists or nurseries.

Handmade Holiday

Now it's time for the fun part--the pottery! Etta B Pottery's newest color Simply White has been our go-to lately, and it's no wonder why. Which clean lines and an all-white finish, it fits in with almost any style. Dress your setting with a neutral knotted napkin, brushed silver flatware, and a stemless wine glass. Instead of a placecard, we opted for a miniature cranberry wreath.  Simply take 11-12 fresh cranberries and string together with fishing line. Tie a small knot at the top to secure the ends. Done & easy!

Etta B Pottery makes another style of plate with this beautiful fluted edge! We grabbed the Whitney salad size for an accent plate on the head and foot of the table. Never be afraid to mix and match styles!

Fresh & Festive

With one more handmade touch, we finished out the tablescape with dried oranges and whole walnuts. To dry the orange slices, simply arrange thin slices on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 250 for 3-4 hours. Remove slices individually if they start to burn, while the rest continue to dry out.  1-2 oranges should be plenty to do a table of this size. And if you have extras? String the slices together with some popcorn for a vintage-inspired garland to decorate the tree or fireplace. 

We'd love to see how you put your Bella Vita finds to good holiday use. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

Merry Christmas!

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