Take a Peak Into Our Jewelry Box...

RS Designs Necklace

Fall is in the air, and we are ready to accessorize accordingly! Ronda Smith Designs' creations have long been timeless treasures in our jewelry collections. Needless to say, we are always bubbling with excitement every time new pieces arrive in store, and we are thrilled to tell you that now is one of those times. Come in today to discover your new perfect piece for your personal style!

Rustic & Radiant

S Designs Necklace

A signature of Ronda Smith Designs, unrefined pearls offer an honest, antique allure that’s easy to dress up or down. Whether you’re after a look that’s simple sophistication or burnished bohemian, Ronda Smith pearls will flatter any style.

Method of Minimalism

RS Designs Necklace

Add a touch of nature-inspired charm to your appearance with artisanal metal accessories. Finely detailed for a rugged yet contemporary allure, these pieces are perfect for carefree wear. 

Candidly Casual

RS Designs Necklace

The bold and intricate textures of Ronda Smith’s designs will have you doing a double-take. Neutral creations help you transition from the office to after-hours with flexible flair, no color needed!

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