Just a gemstone away, Virtue handmade jewelry brings classy monogram style to your jewelry box. Feature your favorite letters or words on bright gold hardware paired with a long gemstone strand or tough leather bracelet. They’ll beautifully complement your new spring style from the sweet and simple sundress to a tough jean vest.

Monogram is a southern staple your wardrobe just can’t do without and Virtue is handcrafted jewelry featuring earthy stones and hardware. So pair your southern appreciation of nature with your southern monogram style. These pieces should do just the trick…

Gemstone Necklaces

Virtue Monogrammed Gemstone Necklace

A large monogrammed and hammered gold disc features prominently on a long strand of earthy gemstones for a classic, yet down-to-earth look. Wear a single strand or double or triple up with other long and short necklaces for more of a good thing. This classic style is available in all of the fabulous bead options that Virtue offers, so there's one to fit any style!
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Luxe Leather Wrap Bracelet

Virtue Leather Wrap Bracelet

A thick leather strand with a bright gold, monogramed name plate will be the one you’ll never stop wearing. Have it monogrammed with your own name or the name of one close to you or one you wish to memorialize. It’s a classic style that’s easy to wear, easy to pair, and has significant meaning.
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Everyday Earrings

Virtue Monogram Earrings

Virtue Monogram Earrings

Classic monogram on hammered gold discs, these earrings will dangle against your favorite spring scarf for an oval twist on the classic hoop earrings. They’re perfectly neutral making them a natural staple to your jewelry collection. These are a great everyday option, making even a t-shirt and jeans something special!
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Darling Disc Bracelet

Virtue Monogrammed Disc Bracelet

A thin wraparound leather strap with a monogrammed disc dangling from it, pair this bracelet with the disc earrings or necklace for a matching set. Bright gold hardware and hefty leather pair perfectly. Wear alone or pair with gemstone bracelets for stacked style.
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