If you've been around us for longer than a few days, then you've probably picked up on something...the girls of Bella Vita truly love working here! When you have the incredible combination of kind yet capable management, a beautiful working environment, and a stellar, fun-loving team, it's no wonder that Bella Vita has the happiest team around! Looking to join a tight-knit group of friends while you learn and grow professionally? Then we have good news...we're looking for you!

Open Position | Bella Vita Sales Leader

If you’re easily excited by helping others find that perfect gift or snag a little something to make their day brighter, the Bella Vita tribe is searching for you. Energetic, smiling, team-oriented individuals are key to our success, and we’re in search of a Sales Leader to join our team. Not only will you spend your days helping customers choose from beautiful home décor, fine arts and more, but we offer incentives to reward performance. The bottom line is: sell more, earn more. Learn more and apply.

Open Position | Itty Bitty Bella Sales Assistant

Whether you have your own bundle of joy at home or simply love helping moms shop for their new additions, you may be the perfect fit to join the Itty Bitty Bella tribe. From assisting with baby registries to learning about the coolest, newest toys for tots, Itty Bitty Bella Sales Assistants greatly contribute to the success of our store. Learn more and apply.

Open Position | The Back Room Sales Manager

You have a knack for getting things done in the most efficient way possible, and can't stand when big projects are handled incorrectly. We want you to come oversee our newest addition, The Back Room! You'll be the number one go-to in everything from managing the sales floor, overseeing team members and warehouse responsibilities, building customer relationships, and acting as our liaison between suppliers and transport companies. Sound like a great fit? Learn more and apply.

Why Work for Bella Vita?

We'll invest in our staff like family, because we know that the only way to keep growing is to help you grow too. If you’re looking for a rewarding career that feels like home, let us break down the details you want to know.

1. Early Bird Optional- Not a morning person? Good thing we don't get to work at 8 am, then. That's right, relish in your extra hour of sleep and start the day with us at 9:30 am.
2. Room to Grow- We love to see you succeed! When motivation and hard work meet, there’s always an opportunity for upward advancement with us.
3. Beautiful Benefits- We’ll take care of you! Quality medical benefits are available for key positions.
4. Be Yourself- Personality is everything, and we want to see yours shine. Ditch the uniform and dress like yourself, build relationships with customers, and live life outside the cube!
5. Family Owned- Finally, a business you can relate to! We always work hard, but we keep our perspective is in the right place.

Already have a stellar job, but know someone who would be a great fit? Send them our way! We reward amazing referrals with up to a $500 gift card! In our opinion, customer referrals lead to the best hires.

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