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Original. Stunningly Beautiful. Interesting. Rustic Elegance. These are just some of the terms that describe the exquisite nature of Etta B Pottery made by local artisans in Mississippi. And now, we are SO excited to announce that we are a certified dealer of this often-requested line of glazed grandeur! Whether you’re looking for a gift, a decorative happy for yourself or a new set of tableware, this pottery collection offers it all and is equally striking on the dinner table, night stand or bathroom shelf.

etta b pottery on sale in store

From dinnerware to sugar bowls, serving platters to soap dishes, and decorative pieces shaped like sweet love birds or carved with inspirational crosses, we have a multitude of items from Etta B Pottery’s numerous collections. Every piece is carefully handcrafted and hand painted using a variety of textures, patterns and colors, culminating in a one-of-a-kind work of art. Six gorgeous glazes- Blue, Birch, Gray, Green, Pearl, Opal Blue, Metallic and Metallic Pearl- provide you with even more unique style options. 

Etta B Inspirations and Menagerie

Pretty little dishes adorned with inspirational crosses, whimsical birds or beautiful textural effects define the Inspirations and Menagerie collections. There’s a “happy” here for everyone. These items make terrific bridesmaids or birthday gifts or just simple pick-me-ups to collect. They also have endless uses from ring holders to candy dishes to decorative whatnots. 

Etta B Everyday- Utility on Display

etta b serving peices

The Etta B Everyday collection offers an array of pieces essential to daily life like this earthy, yet sophisticated sugar bowl and creamer pitcher in Gray Glaze. But don’t let their practical nature fool you. When not in use, these items serve as artistic focal points. These eye-catching items make great bridal gifts!

Etta B Dinnerware- A Stunning Place Setting

The unique shapes and color variations of the pieces in the Dinnerware collection complement one another and add a beautiful, rustic character to your dinner table. And because the pieces are microwave-, dishwasher- and oven-safe, they are equally beautiful and functional.

Etta B Serving Pieces- An Artistic Statement

etta b serving pieces

Whether giving as a housewarming gift, or using on your tabletop to hold your favorite side dish, every vessel from the Serving Piece collection makes an impressive statement. The handcrafted textural qualities and rich colorations, like the Opal Blue glaze on this bowl, meld into an original masterpiece worthy of display on a mantle or side table.

We can’t wait to show it to you. Until then, Ciao Bella!

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