Does January have you peeling back the curtains to shake the dust off, let the sunlight stream in, and just generally hit the ‘refresh’ button everywhere you can? We’re right there with you, and that’s exactly why we thought it was high time to hold a “Freshen Your Home” sale! If you’re after bright pops of color for dark corners, stylish rugs to cozy up your floors, bright lights and brand new bedding, we’re your one stop shop for a whole home makeover.

20% Off Cecel Allee Art

Cecel Allee Art

Talent has a name, and that name is Cecel Allee. Known for her bold textures and vibrant color schemes, her artwork is the simple solution for any area in your home that just needs a bright dose of different. Pick up a piece to treasure forever at 20% off! View More Cecel Allee Art

15% Off All Lamps

Iron Lamps

Ask any decorator or designer, lighting can make or break a room! Rustic yet elegant, our 15% off lamps are ideal for creating a cozy glow in spaces that just need a bit of warmth. Offer valid on in-store lamps only. View More Lamps

15% Off All Bedding

Veena Bedding-PCH

Discover your inspiration and a peaceful respite in our 15% off special order and in stock bedding from Bella Notte Linens, Pine Cone Hill, and Pom Pom at Home. Sumptuously soft and effortlessly elegant, this is a gift for yourself in more ways than one. View More Bedding

15% Off All Dash & Albert Rugs

Dash & Albert Rug

Itching for a brand new room, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of painting? 15% off in-stock and special order Dash & Albert rugs can easily give a new lease on life to any space in your home that needs an up-to-date feel. View More Dash & Albert

15% Off Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Modern yet raw, contemporary but natural, our 15% off furniture has the unique ability for blend seamlessly with whatever your taste may be. Offer valid on in-stock furniture only. View More Furniture

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