Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping us bring our home to a style all our own. - Stephanie

dining room design

The Singley’s dining room was one of my favorite uses of eclectic design.  Some design elements are creatively orchestrated throughout the room to reference each other, and some are to completely juxtapose in style and origin.  This unexpected combination is what makes this space so interesting and personal.

The Art

emyo artwork

These fantastic EMYO paintings set the stage for the design of this room with Emily’s fun use of color, combined with elegant greys, and free tattered canvas edges.  

The Drapery

Stephanie had already selected the drapery fabric before pulling me into this fun project.  I love the relaxed nature of the cream linen and elegant gold damask.  This touch of glamour provided inspiration for the dining room and living room concepts.     

The Chairs

slipcovered chair

Stephanie found this wonderful set of side chairs at an antique market.  It was up to me to select end chairs that measure up to the beauty of the grey cane back, without competing with the details.  I commissioned a pair of custom slip-covered armchairs.  The subtle flange cording compliments the wave of the wood carving on the side chairs, and the contemporary shape allows guests to appreciate both designs without getting too busy.

The Rug

This old Turkish rug is wonderfully imperfect in so many ways.  Some areas of the rug are lighter, and some darker.  There are repair lines and uneven edges evidencing a rich history earned in other homes overseas.  The rug is full of cultural designs that have faded to the perfect shades of taupe, grey and brown.  It brings a subtle pattern underfoot that plays beautifully with the scrolls and designs in surrounding chandeliers, drapery, and the adjacent foyer walls.

The Table

wood dining room table 

A sturdy, strong, and classic piece.  This solid wood table is touchable and usable, but elegant enough to ground this formal dining room.  I selected a dark grey wax finish to barely soften the wood tones, bringing it closer to a monochromatic pallet among the chairs. 

The Lamps

Cast from concrete, the lamps delicately balance the smooth and heavy texture of the stone sideboard top, the warmer color tones of the dining table, and the lines of table pedestal bases. 

The Vintage Window

vintage window

This old piece brings an artistic architectural detail to the space with peeling paint and old wavy glass.  Like the rug and side chairs, the window frame has a rich history from a previous life. 

The Iron Accents

I designed the custom chandelier and sideboard almost simultaneously.  It was important that these pieces felt individual, but I included similar scrollwork to gently tie them together, and to reference the damask in the drapery.  The sideboard base is raw steel and iron with perforated steel sheeting in the doors, similar to the cane detail on the chairs, but at deep contrast from the sweet French chairs in it’s industrial nature.  The sideboard’s limestone top has a soft hand, like the cream linen chairs and drapery.

So remember, creating style doesn't have to be organized and uniform. Combine unique elements that make a statement all on their own, while still embracing the artistic intimacy of your very own personal oasis.


Becca Gaines is an Interior Designer in the Memphis area. She lives in Collierville with her husband, Jake, and daughter, Jovie.  Becca is a graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and an award winning designer.  She has earned certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and is a Registered Interior Designer with the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering Examiners.  Oh yeah, and she has been featured in Southern Accents, At Home Tennessee, and Memphis' own Fix Magazine.

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