Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She is a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping Brent and me design the living spaces of our home. Below, you will see Becca's design for our sweet Sage's nursery.. -Steph

Becca Gaines on Sage's Nursery

People often ask me what I enjoy most about being an interior designer. My answer goes something like this: 

"I have the privilege of turning houses into homes, beautiful sanctuaries of family traditions and memories.  The biggest part of that process is walking through life with the family living inside those dwellings."
I installed this project with particular joy, knowing Stephanie and Brent's struggle and long wait for this precious baby girl.  This installation was a celebration and that spirit of celebration inspired baby Sage's nursery design.  Her room is bright, sparkly, and peaceful, every detail fit for a princess!

The Wallcovering

Neutral nursery

Creating a cocoon of softness around the room, Sage’s white wallcovering is crafted from real Belgian linen with silver threads woven throughout and crepe paper backing for easy application. Its linen construction affords the softness of fabric with the convenience of a wallcovering (which is fire rated and liquid and stain resistant). More on Wallcoverings

The Crib & Bedding

stork nursery mobile

Stephanie and I quickly agreed on an iron crib in the nursery. Sage’s white iron crib with its feminine corner details and statement making posts punctuates the ethereal peace of the rest of the room declaring the arrival of its long awaited occupant.

Sage’s bedding is Bella Notte, of course, a brand which is a favorite of both Stephanie’s and mine. We chose a color combination of seaglass, white, and grey inspired by two EMYO paintings hanging in the hallway outside Sage’s nursery. The bedding is beautiful, feminine, soft and machine washable.

The Drapery & Seating

Neutral unique nursery

Larger than a typical nursery chair, we wanted to make sure the nursery seating was big enough for either tall Brent or petite Stephanie to comfortably snuggle with Sage. The down filled cushions are covered with a grey linen slipcover for easy cleaning. The ottoman, filled with recycled fabric and covered with Moroccan leather, complements the chair and brings focus to the center of the room. The layered white velvet and Bella Notte “Olivia” lace curtains are soft and luxurious complementing the seaglass color in the bedding.

The Lighting

Nursery Chandelier Lighting

Sage’s chandelier is a custom fixture intended to be a unique focal point and keepsake that can grow with her. Its cascading crystal beads lend the room a sweet, sparkly, and snowy elegance.

The Dresser

Antique French Dresser

As with the chandelier, Sage’s dresser is more than a changing table; it’s an antique statement meant to grow with Sage. The bleached oak of this antique French commode lends a ballet pink to the nursery’s color palette.

 The Art

Nursery Deer Heads

Deer art

A trio of whimsical deer heads are meant to inspire Sage’s fairy tales while complementing Stephanie and Brent’s personalities, Stephanie’s love for both the natural and the glamorous and Brent’s love for the outdoors.

Whether  it’s a midday feeding from her nursery chair or snuggled deep and fast asleep in her warm bed, Sage is home and in the arms and hearts of her doting parents. If that’s not cause for celebration, what is?

Pumpkin PatchOur first trip to the Pumpkin Patch--Sage at 7 weeks old.

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