At Bella Vita, we strive to stay at the top of our game in all things marketing, business, and building a brand that our friends and customers love and trust! The idea of a catalog has been a long time coming, and we are so excited to finally roll out a beautiful publication for our loyal customers! Here's a behind the scenes look at our lovely new jewelry spread...or you can stop here and view the online version of the catalog!

Our Inspiration

Jewelry Catalog Necklaces

BV Jewelry Catalog

BV Jewelry Catalog

Many years of daydreaming of the perfect first "catalog" went into the mix when we started working on this exciting new project! Our first thought was to create a comprehensive gift guide for Mother's Day, Graduation, and all things "spring"! After much consideration and lots of ideas tossed around, we kept coming back to one central theme that stood out....Jewelry. 

Here at Bella Vita, we pride ourselves in offering some of the most lovely and unique jewelry artists in the Midsouth, and we really loved the idea of showing off their talent! So now that we had a theme, we had the difficult task of narrowing down the pieces to feature! Hey, it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it! 

Styling The Shoot

Bella Vita Photoshoot

BV Jewelry Catalog

Bella Vita Photo Shoot

  1. Bella Vita PhotoShoot
  2. Web office and studio at The Warehouse

As most of you know, we are very lucky to have our own extremely talented photographer on our team...After we tediously chose each and every beautiful piece to feature and gathered fabulous stone and cool succulents as our backdrop, Brent shot some of the most beautiful images! He patiently waited as we tended to every last detail...from the way a necklace draped over the driftwood to the angle in which we wanted everything shot! It was a great day in the Bella Vita studio, and we are very proud of the end result!

Editing The Details

BV Jewelry Catalog

BV Jewelry Catalog

BV Jewelry Catalog

Now that the planning, gathering, styling, and photography was complete, the only thing left to do was wait after we sent our images over to Hemline for their magic touch. The talented gals at Hemline always know how to pull together a look that is totally on-brand with Bella Vita, and this catalog was no exception! After a few rounds of editing, we anxiously sent our "baby" over to the printer, and a week later the fabulous end result landed in your mailbox for you to shop your heart out!

We hope you love it as much as we do, and we can't wait to bring you a bigger and better catalog to shop for the holidays...Stay tuned!

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