Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer and friend of Bella Vita, and is currently helping Brent and I design the living spaces of our home. Below, you will see Becca's amazing work throughout my parents' lovely new home. -Steph

Losorwith Living Room

This was such a fun project because it began a lot like a puzzle.  Laurie and Steve moved into this home with a handful of furniture to be reused from their previous house.  In their previous master bedroom, they had a beautiful well-made wooden furniture suite.  I wanted to help them create an all-new look and feel across their new home, while utilizing the great furniture they already owned. 

By separating these pieces throughout different rooms, we created newly designed spaces that flow cohesively, and we were able to break a room-dominating furniture suite into beautiful focal pieces across three rooms (Master dresser, master bed, first guest room side tables, second guest room armoire)...

Personality in textures and design choices

A look through the Losorwith home at textiles reveals a lot about them.  Fabrics and textures throughout the home are fine but not frilly, well-made while remaining casual, and touched with subtle detail.  These fabrics are a great fit for a family who appreciates quality and approachability. 

Losorwith Kitchen

Losorwith Sofa

Losorwith Parlor

Personal Touches

As always, the sweetest part of a project is getting to know the family who dwells in the beautiful home. I already knew and loved Laurie and Steve, but walking through the decorative details of a home with someone always introduces opportunity for sentimental stories. From the little porcelain boy on Laurie's bedside table to the vintage tape measure and Spanish mosaic in the living room, their home is accessorized with pieces that express who they are and where they have come from.

Losorwith Living Room

Losorwith Master Bedroom

My favorite things...

1. Oushak Ottoman Coffee Table

2. Parlor Chandelier with Green Quartz

3 Guest Room Headboard made from an old Turkish Rug

4. EMYO Chargers on Art Shelves

5. Bella Notte Linens Everywhere!

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