Artful Twists to Christmas Traditions...

Trees and trimmings seem to be the themes of the season, but let’s not forget the original symbol of Christmas, the Nativity. From ornaments to yard displays, the Nativity is traditional décor for the holidays, but it doesn’t mean every nativity displayed has to be the same. Here at Bella Vita we love displaying a variety of nativities and below are a few of our beautiful favorites.

Rusted Metal Nativity

Rusted Metal Nativity
The Nativity is such a well-known Christmas story, it can be told in the simplest of ways, for instance through silhouettes of the main characters. This beautiful silhouette nativity made from metal with a rusted finish is a unique addition to your rustic holiday décor. View This Nativity

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Nativity

Reclaimed Wood Nativity

These beautiful nativities featuring a manger in a stable and a metal star are handmade from reclaimed wood. Available in natural wood or red or white painted wood, these nativities will bring you back to the place where it all started. View This Nativity

Vintage Wire Nativity

Vintage wire nativity

This unique nativity brings a creative “twist” to the traditional story. It’s handmade from vintage wire twisted into the form of Joseph and Mary kneeling before the manger. Champagne colored beads are suspended overhead with a larger star high above depicting that first Christmas night sky. View This Nativity

Etta B Nativity Platters

Etta B Nativity Platter

Etta B Small Oval Platter

Etta B Large Oval Nativity Platter

Away in a manger and artfully captured in these decorative plates by Etta B. Pottery, display the nativity in all its significance. These plates may be hung on your wall or displayed on your coffee table during the holidays or all year round.

Let your Christmas décor tell the story of Christmas in a fresh, new way this season with these unique and artful nativities!

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