Whitney and John's love story started at Briarcrest Christian School in Collierville, TN when Whitney was then a junior and John a senior. When their romance began John had gone and made Whitney a Build-a-Bear, so a few years later when he was ready to propose, he thought he would commemorate the occasion with another bear.

Last year, over the Fourth of July weekend, Whitney was visiting John in Richmond, VA. She has just recently had her 21st birthday, so the only thing she was expecting was a birthday gift. She got that, and a little more! John presented Whitney with a Build-a-Bear wearing a wedding dress. It took Whitney over 3 minutes to realize that the rings were tied to the little wedding dress! When she finally realized what was happening, John got down on one knee and said those four special words. Whitney was absolutely surprised, and to be honest, didn't even hear what John was saying. All she knows is that through her tears and shock she said yes.

Whitney and Jon will tie the knot on June 5, 2010. Not only will June 5th be special as Whitney and John's wedding day, it is also the day her grandparents were married. Whitney will have her grandparents rings tied to her bouquet in remembrance of them, and to honor the significance of June 5th.

John has decided to keep the honeymoon a secret. Whitney has no idea where they are going, and she won't know until they are at the airport! All she knows is that they leave the Sunday after their wedding, and they will be headed to a tropical place she has never been before. 

The girls at Bella Vita have had a great time getting to know Whitney.  The couple is registered at Bella Vita for their everyday dishes Casafina.  Their wedding will be a beautiful event, and we wish them the very best- on that day and in their lives together.

- The girls at Bella Vita

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