Wedding season is in full swing, especially at Bella Vita! If you're getting married, or know someone who's getting married odds are you will be involved with planning a shower.

If you're stumped for some great shower themes, let us help you out. Here are some fun theme's we've seen and heard of that we thought were worth a try!

1) Around the Clock Party

(Image courtesy of Amazing Bridal Showers)

An "Around the Clock" party is a great idea for brides and grooms who are just finishing college, or just starting out on their own. The idea is simple- gather items for the new couple that they will need at all hours of the day. Planning is even easier! assign each invitation at time of day/night and that's how each person selects a gift.

So, for example if you had 7:00 am you might consider buying a coffee maker, or similar breakfast appliances. At 2:00 pm you might want to get a vacuum cleaner or cleaning supplies. If your invite reads 6:00pm you would be right on track if you bought the new couple something snazzy for the kitchen!


2) All About the Honeymoon

Bora Bora Beach Hotel
(Image courtesy of Bora Bora)

Is the new couple headed somewhere like this on their honeymoon? Or perhaps a mountain getaway is more their thing? Either way, a wedding shower centered around the honeymoon destination will ensure that the bride and groom have exactly what they need to fully enjoy their trip.

For gifts, consider packing a beach bag with sun essentials, schedule an adventure or spa day for the couple, gather bathing suits or other gear they may need. And don't forget, a little cash is always appreciated while on vacation!

3) Date Night

Vintage Movie Tickets
(Image courtesy of Web Design)

Money can sometimes be tight, especially for newlyweds. Host a "Date Night" shower so the couple can collect games, DVD's and other essentials for enjoying time together as a newly married couple. Board and card games, movie passes, restaurant gift cards, a popcorn popper and similar gifts are all items the couple are sure to love!


4) Holiday Shower

Christmas Ornament
(Image courtesy of Wallcoo)

Help the newlyweds prepare for the holidays and host a "Holiday Shower". Assign guests a certain holiday on their invitation so the couple ends up with an assortment of seasonal items rather than a bunch of decor for one holiday. Valentine's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are great holidays to start with. If it's going to be a well-attended shower consider adding birthday's and seasons too (Fall, Spring, Summer etc.).

If you're planning a wedding shower feel free to stop by and pick our brains! We are happy to help you select the perfect theme, decor, attendant gifts and hostess gifts!

- The Girls at Bella Vita