It's the most wonderful time of the year at Itty Bitty Bella a.k.a. "The North Pole Supply Post"! We are so excited to welcome back the holiday season, and even more thrilled for the return of a few of our favorite friends. That's right--the elves are on their way again, and they're ready to share some holiday cheer with your family during their busiest time of year. Hurry though, because when the Itty Bitty Bella store elves, Jingle and Jangle, make their trip to the North Pole, you'll want to be sure that they bring your special elf back with them!

Elves in the KitchenJingle and Jangle love to help out around the house too. Christmas cookies anyone?

Jingle and Jangle have the perfect elf companion picked out for your children, and they're ready to help bring the joy and life of the Christmas spirit into your home. After all, it's the elves' job to remind us of the real reason for the season. From red heads to blondes and brunettes, each elf is sure to be a special holiday treat, and can't wait to dress up just like your little boy or girl. Santa himself will choose the perfect elf friend for your family, and it's his goal for them to bring some good old fashioned Christmas fun into your home. Hurry though, because he's very busy and so are his helpers. In fact, Jingle and Jangle are prepping for their special deliveries as we speak...

Winter Activiy ElvesLet your elf accompany you as you enjoy your favorite winter activities. Watch out, he (or she!) may toss a snowball your way!

What are you waiting for? Simply stop by Itty Bitty Bella and write your letter to Santa and Jingle and Jangle will deliver your very own elf right around Thanksgiving day. Go ahead and set out some crackers and water, too, as the elves are often enticed by their favorite food and drink and may speed up their arrival because of them. (They remind them of the snow of the North Pole after all.)  Enjoy some quality time with them during these few weeks leading up to Christmas, because come Christmas Eve, they'll have lots of work to do to help Santa deliver gifts to all of his good little children, and will return to their northern homeland.

Bad Little Elf
Oops, your elf friend may even cause a little mischief around the house...

Do you hear that? In the distance? It's Jingle and Jangle...they're almost here! Join us as we welcome them back for our favorite time of year.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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