How do you feel about reclaimed wood? Do you love it from an environmental viewpoint, but then go to the trouble of sanding it, painting it and finishing it to look smooth and sleek? Or do you love it for its character, its journey and its warmth?

Bella Vita is all about reclaimed wood (and most anything else "reclaimed" for that matter!). The rough edges, varying textures and chipped paint are all fine by us. Each piece, whether it be a plank, a table or a chair has a past to share and space for a future. We love how the perfect wood piece can warm up a room and add instant character and charm. Sometimes, all your design may be lacking is wood!

Next time you are out and about, keep your eyes open for reclaimed pieces you can make your own. When you're in our neighborhood, stop by and see how we've used different reclaimed pieces to add to the character of Bella Vita. You will be surprised at the may ways you can used "old wood", and just how many design schemes it fits into.

(Image courtesy of Nuevo Estilo)

(Image courtesy of Neuvo Estilo)

(Image courtesy of Neuvo Estilo)

(Image courtesy of Cococozy)

reclaimed wood headboard

This reclaimed beauty is available exclusively at Bella Vita. Learn more about this headboard.

Oohhh, talk about re-purposing! Do these images inspire you like they do us?

- The Girls at Bella Vita