Gradation is defined as a gradual passing from one tint or shade to another, according to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. This phenomenon in much more than just an advanced vocabulary word though. When the transition from light to dark comes into play in the world of home decor and design, your space can be instantly transformed with soothing, subtle hints of drama that are sure to stand the test of time. The fine folks at Pine Cone Hill must have known this, too, when they created their latest line of bedding, aptly named Gradation World.

Pine Cone Hill Gradation World

Enhanced With Instant Texture & Interest

Keeping with the right-now styles that embrace the power of color, even in the most neutral form, Pine Cone Hill remains true to the quality and luxury that keeps us coming back for more. The Gradation World looks take their beloved and classic patterns (everything from stripes to damask and floral prints) and enhance them with the instant texture and interest that comes from the look of color gradients. Add to that the laid-back luxury of linen fabrics and you'll enter a spa-like environment the second you set foot into the bedroom.

Pine Cone Hill Gradation World

Subtle, Yet Stylish

Looking for a subtle style to update your bedroom's look? This is just the way to go for something that's a little bit understated, but lacking nothing in the style department. Plus, you and your honey might even agree on the color tones, as they aren't too overpowering, but hold just the right touch of life to keep your days super stylish and put-together, and you're nights calm and serene.

Pine Cone Hill Gradation World

Go ahead and grab hold of the latest trend in bedding and bring the world of gradation into your own home!

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