Yes, we know that donning an apron and soaking your hands in dishwater wouldn't normally be your idea of luxury. We're here to change your view, however, and make you look forward to those dirty dishes and everything that comes with maintaining a spotless kitchen. Before you begin to think we're off our front porch rockers, give us a moment to explain, and introduce to you the most fabulous line of cleaning and body products: Cucina.

Cucina Display 

Hand Creme 

Named for the Italian word meaning "kitchen", Cucina presents a full line of hand soaps, lotions, and cleaners aimed not only to keep your dining world squeaky clean, but also to bring a touch of pampering to your hardworking hands. Created from natural ingredients, the line contains everything from moisturizers made to soften those pruny fingers to waterless soap for those times that you need a quick fix for soiled silverware and dishes. Our signature Cucina scent is so fitting for Bella Vita- Coriander and Olive Tree. Full stylish sets are even available, making the perfect gift idea for a friend or yourself. 

Cucina Gift Set 

Isn't it nice to know that those days of dreading dish-scrubbing are over? Now your housecleaning can work double duty with the pump of a fantastic lotion or soap!

 -The Girls at Bella Vita

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