Everywhere you look around... you can't escape the love this time of year. Whether you choose to show affection to your favorites in the form of sweet treats, cards or festive decor, we have a few great ideas for you. After all, what's not to love about a time of year that makes it OK to use every girly shade of pink and red possible? 

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Our Favorite Valentines Day Ideas

1. Deck the halls: Sure, the holidays are over, but who says your mantel has to stay bare and simple? With a few easy steps, create the perfect eye-catching elements to keep things festive during this love-filled month.

2. Craft a beautiful banner: With the simplest of supplies, you'll hear ooh and ahhs over your vintage "Be Mine" banner. Hang it from the fireplace or above a window to share the V-day spirit.

3. Sweets on a stick: They'll never turn down a tasty treat, and especially when it's cute and lollipop-like. This new take on the cake pop uses marshmallows and will have your favorites coming back for more.

4. Have your cake and eat it, too: No dessert says Valentines day like a red velvet cake. Top it off with Nutella fudge icing and you'll make your way to their heart...through their stomach of course!

5. Mini Monet: Encourage the artistic talents of your littlest painter with this unique take on the traditional Valentines card. 

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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