Talk about curbing your appetite. My kitchen was doing a great job for me every time I walked in it.

Needless to say, it was one of the first rooms to hit the chopping block. Off went the popcorn ceilings and down came the brass fixtures. Out went the black Formica countertops and in came new stainless steel appliances.

We didn’t put in new cabinetry, but opted to work with what we had. As you know, new cabinets can get costly, and it really is pretty amazing how you can transform what I like to call “out-of-the-box” cabinets into something of your own. The original cabinets (above) were a cream/brown faux finish that we were not fond of. They are now painted a beautiful antique cream color that brightens up the space tremendously. The dark hardware is gone too (who wants to reach that high anyway!), but it will be replaced with beautiful knobs, hung in a more accessible location, from Anthropolgie. Those will be installed just as soon as we have a spare second!

The black Formica is gone and has been replaced with gleaming granite with flecks of dark brown, white and taupe to complement the new cabinetry.

A new floor went in too—20x20 tiles laid on a diagonal. Keeps things more interesting, less square and static looking. Brinkley loves the tiles too- they are a welcomed cool relief after a nice long run.

Doing the dishes—or shall I say getting them to the dishwasher—has never been more enjoyable, thanks to our new single basin deep sink. Again, to keep the look consistent, we selected an oil-rubbed bronze faucet and coordinating sprayer and soap dispenser.

By the way, if you’re ever in the market for a new sink, I strongly suggest those deep, inset sinks. They hide dishes and countertop cleanup is so much easier—just swipe the crumbs into the sink. No need to worry about food getting stuck into basin edges either.

Curious about the backsplash? Stay tuned. We’re waiting on our beautiful glass-tiled backsplash to arrive. We’ll post pics as soon as it’s installed! Stay tuned for more renovation updates from my happy abode. In the meantime, go back and check out episode 1 if you have not seen the video.

- Stephanie