They are incredibly gifted in the artistic department. They have the ability to work magic with a paintbrush, and create masterpieces that we hang and treasure for decades. How could you not recognize the depth behind each of Bella Vita's talented artists? Not only are they skilled at their craft, but they balance families, community involvement and many other causes near and dear to their hearts. Allow us to introduce our good friend and artist, Sarah Robertson, who is here to give you a glimpse into her life as an artist...and beyond.

Sarah Robertson Canvas

BV: Will you describe to us some of your dreams, loves and wishes?

SR: My dreams are made of climbing into a beautiful, freshly made bed after a busy day. It is especially soothing to feel Pine Cone Hill sheets in a crisp, clean white. I love my collection of God Tags from Visible Faith Jewelry. I wear them almost every day, and was so thrilled to learn more about the Shandon, the artist, at a recent trunk show. As far as wishes go, after health and happiness my list is short. But, if there was to be a terrible accident in my kitchen and something happened to all of my dishes, Casafina Meridian would be a the top of my list.

Sarah Robertson Canvas

BV: If you could redo your home to suit any current trend, what trend would you be after?

SR: I routinely make my husband sweat with plans of remodeling our home. The latest idea is a new, large white kitchen, the latest in appliances, white marble countertops and limestone floors. I'm sure my cooking would improve!

BV: Name five things on your bedside table right now.

SR: A great reading lamp, a beach photo of my children, Cucina hand butter, my phone and a book titled The Way of Prayer

Sarah Robertson in her Studio

BV: What is something you absolutely can't live without?

SR: I can't live without the love and support of my friends and family.

BV: What is the last book you read? Would you recommend it?

SR: The last book I've read is John Grisham's The Litigators. Great read! Square Books in Oxford, MS usually gets in a shipment of signed copies, too.

BV: What is your favorite family activity?

SR: That would have to be eating dinner with my husband and our three sons when I don't have to cook and all electronics are turned off!

BV: What are your professional goals for 2012?

SR: I'm always looking for new inspirations for my art! Art museums and galleries are a great place to search, so in June I'll be hitting up the many museums and galleries in New York City. Hopefully I will return with great inspiration!

Sarah's Color Palette

Thank you, Sarah, for giving us a chance to know you a little better. We are thankful for your part in our beautiful life!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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