Handmade, original and one-of-a-kind. These words are the mantra around Bella Vita when we select new product for the store or design a store display. Heartfelt Traditions, one of our favorite pottery lines, fits our "key word criteria" to a T. Kim Ries and her son work hard in their Florence, Miss., studio to create this hand-rolled, hand-glazed pottery that is every bit as beautiful as it sounds.

When you see Heartfelt Traditions pottery for the first time you can't help but touch it. (And it's OK if you do, we promise!) The softly rolled edges, the imprinted crosses and other abstract designs (not to mention the waves of color), catch your eye--and your heart. We know because we can't help but admire the pieces when they come into the store.

It seems as though every piece has its own story to tell, its own character and charm. Some are spunky and bold while others are soft and subdued, but each one is beautiful in its own way.

When you decide which piece will be perfect to either start your collection or add to an existing one, you can be sure that your chosen piece is uniquely yours. Everything from the color to the size will always be slightly different, thanks to Kim and her son's handmade techniques.

Heartfelt Traditions pottery is available in all shapes and sizes. Everything from small soap dishes and paperweights to large bowls and platters can be found in our store or online at shopbellavita.com. For those of you who follow Heartfelt Traditions, you know how exciting it is to get a call saying that a new shipment has just arrived. If you would like to follow Heartfelt Traditions, just contact us so we can get you set up to receive notifications about this one-of-a-kind product.

Each Heartfelt Traditions piece varies in size, but these smaller pieces make perfect hostess gifts or birthday happies. The small bowls and plates are perfect for holding jewelry or mail, or they can sit on display and look spectacular by themselves.

Each piece of Heartfelt Traditions is safe for food and perfect for serving chips or appetizers. Make sure you hand-wash this pottery. Their delicate nature does not hold up well in the dishwasher!

Whether sitting pretty on a shelf or working hard in the kitchen, entryway or bedroom, this pottery will never go out of style. You will cherish your Heartfelt Traditions for years to come, admiring it with every glance.

- The Girls at Bella Vita