Jewelry is a form of art. In its own unique way, the jewelry that we wear gives us a chance to express ourselves, to connect with emotions and pieces of our personality and share them with the world. Our newest line of bracelets supports this concept fully, bringing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to your jewelry collection that are both fashionable, versatile and the epitome of free spirited.

Hand crafted in Nepal by female artisans, these glass beaded bracelets bring the ultimate in style and the comfort of peace each time they roll over your wrist. The brand's theme is "Namaste" after all, and those of you who have taken a yoga class understand this concept of this warm greeting full of hospitality. Just as works of art convey important meaning through a message, so does this collection of uniquely crafted bracelets. 

Whether you wear them alone or stack them for a bold statement, these bracelets will bring life and colorful style to your ensemble in an instant. They were made for the free-spirited lovers of adventure, those like us who embrace the beautiful life. Wouldn't your jewelry collection benefit from a sense of adventure? View the bracelets

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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