When the big moment comes that Prince Charming proposes, a flurry of emotions rush over any bride-to-be. Not only does she dream of a magical, memorable wedding day fit for royalty, but she begins to think about the future that she and her handsome prince will share. But before any of these dreams can become reality, the intelligent bride-to-be must make a list of the necessities that she'll need to become domestic diva, fabulous hostess and an overall award-winning wife. 

That's where our bridal registry can save the day and unlock the door to the coziest home you and hubby could ever imagine. Not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing a few can't-live-without items for your registry? Allow us to make a few suggestions.

Off The Wall Wedding Frame

Off The Wall Wedding Frame

Our first registry essential comes in primitive, wood form, but is perhaps the most unforgettable, timeless gift that you two will receive. The Off the Wall Wedding Frame is the perfect way to commemorate the date you said "I do" and will surely become a treasure in your home from the moment you receive it. Its personalized, painted details and cozy southern charm make it a winning selection for your registry list. 


Casafina Dinnerware

After that, you'll need to stock up on the perfect dinnerware for both everyday and special occasions. From Casafina to Good Earth Pottery and beyond, we have a fine selection of durable, versatile and incredibly beautiful pieces that will fulfill all of your cooking, serving and storing needs. 



Did somebody say cooking? You won't want to be without a good arsenal of cookbooks, and we certainly have those covered, too. From southern cooking to entertaining like a boss, our collection will have you covered, and you won't be overwhelmed or intimidated thanks to the simple steps in each culinary creation. 

Decorative Dish Towels

Colorful Birds Tea Towel

We can't stop with the food though! Add to your registry a few cute and funky dish towels for added kitchen style, along with the must-have bedding that will make your first bedroom incredibly chic.

Must-have Bedding

Pine Cone Hill Bedding

Pine Cone Hill's extensive collection of duvets, coverlets, quilts and sheets are sure to give you both peaceful nights of sleep and incredibly chic style that even the pickiest man and wife can agree upon. 

See? Creating the home and life of your dreams is as simple as getting the right essentials. Now that this is covered, you can move on to the more important things, including a long life of love and happiness!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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