Just in time for the official summer solstice, our good friend Paige has introduced a few fun, new items to her jewelry and accessories lines, Vintage Gypsy and Urban Gypsy. We know you're probably ready to pull your hair out at this point, thanks to that wonderful scolding summer heat, but don't let the unbearable humidity get the best of you! We've got a few great ideas to keep you stylish for the duration of these boiling months. 

Grab a funky headband or set of bobby pins to add just the right splash of color to your desperate mane. We love the whimsical look of brightly tinted roses. 

If your hair is under control but a drab outfit is the problem, count on a great Vintage Gypsy necklace for a quick and easy solution. These statement pieces feature more bright hues and one of a kind pieces found all over the world. A unique and stylish necklace? Yes, please!

The Urban Gypsy jewelry line presents accessories with a more natural, earthy flair. Treat your inner diva to a classic style, adorned with pearls, or to a trendy pair of brushed gold or silver earrings. With leather and crystal accents, this jewelry makes a great gift for a friend or yourself. We're sure you can't go wrong with one of Paige's funky creations.

-The Girls at Bella Vita