Fortunately, God gave us all the wonderful gift of uniqueness. No two of us are alike! Why then, do some people feel as though they need to replicate others styles, experiences or looks? 

Here’s where I’m going with this: Recently, we heard about another boutique shop, not one that’s close in proximity to us, mind you, but one that we’ve been told looks and feels a lot like ours nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we are truly flattered. And I realize that there are hundreds of shops all across this lovely country, and in our own backyard, that offer similar types of wares as Bella Vita’s.

But I also know that we can’t be replicated, ever, in any way—nothing that’s truly original ever can be.

Isn’t that good news!

As for Bella Vita, we work so hard to keep the quality and originality you’ve come to expect. Whether scouring the market in search of new, original artists, or stretching ourselves to make our shop even more inviting or our displays even more creative, we are careful always to tend to the full experience that is Bella Vita—in essence, to manage the brand.

Everything about us, from the experience you have with our staff to how we gift wrap each individual item all goes back to the Bella Vita brand. With each new idea or product, we ask ourselves if it fits our look, our store, our story, our style and most importantly our customers? Basically, “Is it Bella Vita?” Because at Bella Vita, it’s about originality and the natural beauty of life and it’s our hope that we portray that to you in everything we do.

After all, isn’t it the little things that count—and add up to “big” rewards? That includes recently winning a MarCom Platinum award for our marketing/branding campaigns. (MarCom is an international marketing and communications competition that annually recognizes excellence in the concept, writing and design of marketing and communications material.)

Nice to know that other marketing professionals think we’re on track and to be recognized for it.

Awards aside, the best thing about the Bella Vita brand is that you can’t copy another Megan, Cari, Mom, me or even husband Brent. You’ll always be welcomed into Bella Vita with smiles, willing hands and listening ears, and we’ll do our best to help you make those most important gift choices, whether they’re for you, a birthday, anniversary, holiday or registry. (We assist, advise, even counsel the bride-to-be and her groom throughout the registry process, from first consult to last registry gift.)

So let’s get on with it this very moment: Embrace who you really are and celebrate that originality.

- Stephanie