We thought this day would never come. We've been through lots of time, money and web designers but we finally have a site that's fully functional and ready to rock! If you've been in our store, we hope you'll agree that the new design fits the store's colors, rustic feel and sometimes funky atmosphere. I hate to admit it, but this is our 3rd site. We finally found a wonderful group of designers who met with us personally at the store to get their heads wrapped around who we are and feel how passionate we are about Bella Vita. Female graphic and web designers bring a lot to the party too! Many elements of the site are handmade. Some of the textures are from old photos, many of the lines are hand-drawn. Handmade, original, one-of-a-kind...that's Bella Vita. Thanks for being patient while we work out some glitches this week.

Special thanks to:

  • Simple Focus Web Design. JD and his group of extremely creative and talented designers and artists really "brought it". They insisted on meetings being held in the store for each phase of the design, and were very professional and punctual.
  • Our group of "testers" who gave us great feedback and found some typos that really needed fixin' if ya know what I mean! Whew!


Our Packaging

What the heck...since we are turning our world upside down with this new site...we should just go ahead and re-think our gift wrap and packaging as well! New bags, boxes and also a little "bow action" for the bags! You can request gift wrapping when you buy online as well.

Sign Up For Promotions and Coupons

Our promotion and coupon emails will have a new design as well. If you have not signed up for them,do it now! We may have your address on file, but we just started collecting email addresses within the last year. The emails will also include a discount code if you are buying online. Your privacy is a huge concern for us, we won't spam you or sell our address list. You can always unsubscribe if you wish. The Sign Up field is located at the bottom of this page.

Gift Cards

We will soon be offering gift cards! Buy them in the store or online. We also provide some cute packaging(at no cost) for these cards. No envelopes here....only the best for our Bella Vita gift card recipients!