Dec 24 2009

December 26th

Who says shopping has to stop on the 25th?!  Help us get rid of the Christmas inventory and make way for Valentine's Day.

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Dec 11 2009

Some Snapshots

Realized tonight that we have not posted any new pictures of the store enjoy! Also, has anyone noticed that our shopping center is the only store in C'ville and G'town that is not decked out with Christmas lights? The folks from Jim's Place Grille pointed this out yesterday and it really ticks us off. We'll have a talk with our leasing folks this year and get this fixed. Someone dropped the ball, big time!

Can you believe we bought this typewriter on Ebay for $5?? It must have shipped for $50 b/c it's at least 30lbs:

some jewelry....

You will not find this ornament at Target...

Some Casafina and Christmas M. Bagwell on a table:

..and an entire hutch full of Casafina:

a couple of frames:

Shocker! Another frame at Bella Vita:

the enormously popular Vintage Gypsy jewelry:

Our BRAND NEW line of jewelry which is earning it's keep! Love it.

The magic mirror sees a nice "ylimaf" frame:

more of the same Vintage Gypsy for you:

Christmas ornaments in the oddest of places:

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We've just selected 10 Vintage Gypsy necklaces to post online. These are one-of-a-kind (like all of Vintage Gypsy jewelry) and there is only 1 of each.

Shop the Collection

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