Nov 10 2009

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It's been a very busy show season for us! Only 2 more we are on our way to Little Rock for the junior league Holiday House show and next week we will be at the Factories in Franklin, TN at the Tis the Season show.  It looked like a garage sale behind our store yesterday as we tried to switch gears from our Jackson MS show and get the trailers ready for Little Rock! Although we are tired and worn down from the shows..we had our best show EVER in the history of Bella Vita in Jackson, MS. The show was wonderful and the people(junior league girls and customers) were great as well. Anyway, give us 2 more weeks and all of the girls will be back at the store to decorate and fill in more inventory for Christmas!

Now for some news...

Vintage Gypsy Swaps

These are new swaps\pins made by Paige from Vintage Gypsy. These were very popular at some of our shows and you can now find them in the store. Sorry, they are not sold online yet. No two are alike so maybe soon we'll pick out a few and hold them to be sold online. However, if you like them and can't make it to the store, ask us to take some snapshots and send your way. FYI, we'll have these with us in Little Rock and Franklin most likely. They are priced at $14 and $18.

Debbie Segal Bracelets

We have more in stock! Drop in and ask us to show you the collection. Unfortunately, we have to keep these behind the counter for obvious reasons. These are also not available online yet. We did take the time to photograph all of them so once we have enough in stock we'll get them online for the masses! We can send these photographs if you are interested in purchasing and cannot make it to the store.

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Today we are transferring all of our show merchandise from our trailer to a uHaul truck.  We'll be in a 10x30 booth at this show and we are bringing a LOT of stuff! Here's a sneak peak at a few of the things we'll have with us:

  • Frames (Funky Momma and Off the Wall)
  • Pottery (Heartfelt, and some Good Earth Pottery, which is not online at the moment)
  • Christmas stuff, of course! (aprons, towels, ornaments. Many of our ornaments and decorations are not currently online)
  • Regular shirts and Christmas shirts
  • Cookbooks, cookbook stands, wall decor, scarves.....and so much more
Paige Abernathy, creator of  Vintage Gypsy jewelry, will be on-hand to help customers with her amazingly popular jewelry line (not currently sold online)

See you there!

a Vintage Gypsy necklace we photographed for a Spring advertisement...

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We just spent the last 7 days at Holiday Mart (Kansas City Junior League show) and had a wonderful time! The crowd was good, the show was organized and we got some great exposure for Bella Vita and our local artists. After 8 hours on the road yesterday, we pulled right up next to the store and the girls started loading the trailer again for the Merry Marketplace show at the Memphis Agricenter this week.
We had a 10x10 size booth in KC, but we'll have our usual 10x20 booth here at the Agricenter this week. It gets better, we have a 10x30 booth in Jackson, MS at Mistletoe this year so be prepared to see our biggest and best booth ever!

Here's a couple of quick iPhone shots from KC:

The Overland Park Convention center was a first class facility in a great part of town. Other cities(including Memphis) should take notice

We originally built this 7 ft. tall to carry smaller art canvas's for this year's shows...but it's now being used for displaying our frames. It held up well!

"Bella" was pinned with about 50 or more of these Vintage Gypsy Swaps. They were a huge hit! By end of day, she was "naked" and she rocked the rest of the show with an apron!

Thanks to the Kansas City Junior League and all the new friends and customers we met in Kansas City! Not everything you saw at the show is currently sold online, so please contact us if you need assistance finding anything!

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