Santa’s sleigh will be arriving at bella vita on October 16th to deliver Memphis’ elves. Contact Us for more information. We cannot sell elves online and only take orders over the phone.
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This year, make the holidays Magical, Mischievous, and Fun! Elf Magic creates “magic” elves that spend Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve with children and families, bringing a genuine warmth and closeness within in the home and creating memories that last a lifetime. Elf Magic elves “magically” appear from the North Pole each holiday season ready to be touched and loved- and sometimes to turn their playful thoughts into mischievous late night adventures. Children may awaken to find that their elves have moved the family car in the middle of the night…or have gotten into the Christmas cookies and left behind only a few crumbs. The possibilities are endless!
The magic begins with your child writing a letter to Santa, asking for an elf to visit for the holidays. The elf will then appear between Thanksgiving and Christmas to create a special time of fellowship and mischievous fun. On Christmas Eve, the elves must return home to the North Pole, but not before leaving one last gift wrap mess!

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Elf Magic Christmas 2011

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Oct 02 2009

Jewelry - Bracelets

We are soooo excited about our new line of Debbie Segal bracelets. This is the picture we used for our ads you may have seen in state-wide and local magazines. We can't keep them in stock long enough to offer them online, but we are working on getting some set aside and photographed for individual sale on the site. We do have a "contact list" to notify customers when new bracelets arrive. Don't hesitate to call or

contact us if you are interested. Prices start at $139

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Thanks so much for everyone who came by to celebrate the launch of our new site...and cookies...and ultimately to get 15% off, haha. We stuffed everyone's bag with a "free shipping" code to use on purchases over $75.00. If you can't make it to the store or you are not located in town, this is definitely something you can use. Feel free to pass around to friends and family as well.

Discount Code: glp2009 (good till Oct. 18th, 2009)

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