Bridal Engagement Photo
Photography courtesy of Russell Hays.

We are pleased to introduce you to Heather and Nathan, another inspiring couple registered with bella vita! We have come to know Heather, her family and her friends since she has registered with us and we are so excited for her and Nathan- it's like we are sending off one of our own!

Heather and Nathan met during the fall of their sophomore year at Auburn University. Nathan had become friends with two of Heathers sorority sisters and unbeknownst to Heather they told Nathan that "they had a really cute friend he needed to meet." Heather was so embarrassed when her sorority sisters got home and told her what they had done! A couple of weeks later Nathan got a hold of Heather's phone number and they were on their way to TCBY for a blind date. "I'll never forget that moment," Heather says, "we began dating in October 2005 and have been together ever since! Who knew a blind date would turn into marriage!"

Nathan got down on one knee on February 7, 2009 in front of Samford Hall (on Auburn's campus). Heather was completely shocked and surprised! They spent the afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium and returned to Auburn that night to celebrate with their friends and family at a surprise dinner Nathan had planned. What a gentleman he is!

Heather and Nathan tie the knot on May 22, 2010 at St. George's Episcopal Church in Germantown, TN. It will be a beautiful wedding filled with life and love!

Congratulations Heather and Nathan! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding- we are honored!

- The Girls at Bella Vita

A Bella Vita Registry- In Heathers Words

BV: You are almost married, how has Bella Vita treated you so far?
HEATHER: Everyone at Bella Vita has been extremely helpful and friendly throughout the whole registry process. They have been so easy to work with and have been great at communicating to me about my registry.

BV: Is there a certain feature or aspect to our registry process that assisted in your decision to choose Bella Vita?
HEATHER: I think it is so helpful that you will order items ahead of a shower or the wedding to have on hand for guests to purchase. I feel so special that there are items that are just in the store for me!
Bride engagement photo
Photography courtesy of Russell Hays.

BV: Why did you choose Bella Vita over other boutique stores when it came time to register?
HEATHER: I chose to register at Bella Vita because they offer such unique gifts and home items. They also carry Casafina and Good Earth Pottery, two brands I wanted to register for and not many stores carry.

BV: If you could list one reason why you chose Bella Vita, what would it be?
Unique gifts and great service!

BV: Are there certain items on your registry that you most hope to receive?
HEATHER: I really want to receive my everyday dishes and serving pieces, as well as my everyday glasses.

More about our Bella Vita Bridal Registry

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Yes, it's true- at Bella Vita we start thinking about the upcoming Holiday Season in March. For some that probably excites you, for others it probably makes you sick! Whichever way you sway, you should be excited to hear that we will be back at Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson, MS this November! Yes, we're excited too. We know you love to shop down in Jackson, so get your lists ready...we're comin'!

To help get you in the mood, here are some shots of our booth in previous years.

Christmas Show
Off The Wall frames and plaques as well as a collection of Christmas
themed dinnerware!

Show - Little Rock
Deck your halls with inspiring metal Christmas decor.

Christmas Show
Get yourself dressed up with one of a kind Vintage Gypsy Jewelry-
Always a huge hit at our shows!

Check out Events & Shows page for a list of future and previous Holiday shows.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Ella Ivy Boutique, our friends out of Pontotoc, MS. Erika and her girls will be showing off all their beautiful clothing at Mistletoe Marketplace(Jackson, MS.) for the first time this year, and we couldn't be more excited for Erika! If you need a serious fashion fix before November, head to Ella Ivy's on Main Street in Pontotoc, MS.

Have a great week ya'll- and remember, Christmas carols are not recommended before Thanksgiving!

- The Girls at bella vita

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Casafina Dinnerware Hutch
With all of the dinnerware choices out there, where's a girl to start? Whether you are just getting married or looking to update the collection you started 20 years ago, selecting dinnerware can be a daunting task! We want to help- here are 5 things to consider before purchasing (or registering for) dinnerware!

1. What's Your Lifestyle?

Before you decide what your dinnerware should be made from, it's important to know how and when they will be used. Traditionally, couples have elected to have an "Everyday" set and a "Formal" set, primarily used for special occasions. The Everyday set is generally less expensive and more versatile in terms of maintenance, color and pattern than a Formal set. Overall cost is also a consideration since each set requires place settings, serving pieces, flatware and glassware. Your living situation can also determine if you have multiple dinner sets. If you have minimal storage space or are frequently moving from one location to another, one set of dishes may be all you can handle. Sometimes less really is more!

2. What's Your Material?

Now that you have decided how many sets of dinnerware you want and how they will be used, it is time to consider the material they are made from. The more popular options are:

Earthenware- One of the oldest materials used in pottery, the clay mixture is fired and glazed to make it watertight. It's natural color ranges from bisque to red, but can be glazed in any color and pattern. We love the Good Earth Pottery for its great color and pattern options as well as it's ability to mix with other lines.
The Good Earth Pottery - Cinnebar

Stoneware- This is the most popular choice for casual, everyday use. It is durable and not easily broken because the clay bonds so closely to the glaze when fired. Casafina is a very popular and versatile Stoneware line, perfect for everyday use
Casafina Stoneware

and a couple more...
  • Porcelain- Very hard product, but tends to be brittle. It's popular for formal china sets.
  • Bone China- This is the standard for fine china manufactured in England, the clay is infused with bone ash to increase the calcium content.
Earthenware (pottery) and Stoneware are widely used for casual, everyday settings while Porcelain and Bone China are more appropriate for formal settings and occasional use.

3. What's Your Setting?

A basic place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and mug. These are the main pieces you will use every time you sit down to eat, so you will want to purchase these items first. Once you have the basics in the cabinets you can begin collecting serving pieces and additional place setting pieces. When you start to think about adding pieces, think about the type of food you make.

Check it out. A basic setting with style... Bella Vita Gifts

  • If you like to bake a lot of casseroles, baked pastas or other "one dish dinners", casserole dishes, bakers and individual bakers that match or coordinate with your dinnerware are great choices.
  • If you're the type of cook that loves to entertain and bake delicious goodies, platters, cake stands and serving trays will be important for you to collect!
  • Adding to the basic place setting is easy to do and recommended if you like large meals! Pasts bowls, bread plates, and ramekins dress up the table nicely and provides a place for all the sides and dishes.
Some inspiration for additional pieces... How you like them apples? Bella Vita accessories
No matter your cooking style, you can always collect serving pieces one dish at at time- just make sure you have chosen a pattern not likely to be discontinued or go out of style!

4. Define Your Style

Are you traditional, modern or a little bit of both (transitional)? Take a look around your home and kitchen. Judging from your decor, cabinet style and personal preferences you will easily determine your style. Once you have narrowed down what your style is, selecting patterns and colors will be much easier!

5. What's Your Flair?

This is where you will see your options explode! It can be overwhelming, but now that you know your style, make your choices one step at a time and you will be just fine...and end up with the perfect set of dinnerware!

Choose your pattern based on your style! Here are some pattern suggestions that generally apply to each style.

  • Traditional patterns tend to be more ornate and may even have small embellishments on each piece
  • If you want to go modern select a very simple pattern, or no pattern at all. Modern dinnerware also allows you to experiment with different shaped dishes, such as oval, square or triangle.
  • Transitional patterns will fall somewhere in between with a simple pattern and minimal details. Transitional lovers might want to consider having a pattern on some pieces and leaving others plain!


When choosing your colors, consider why you are purchasing new dishes in the first place. Do you want to have to update your dinnerware in a few years because they are out of style, or do you want them to last as long as they possibly can?

  • If you don't want to have to update your dinnerware in the near future, stick with neutral colors that do not come and go with the trends. White, ivory or cream are easy, long lasting solutions. If you want, you can purchase some serving pieces in accent colors that will be easy and affordable to replace when you want to update!
  • If you are the type of person that likes to update with the trends, then the sky is the limit! Dinnerware can be purchased in  all sorts of colors with all sorts of finishes! Choose from matte, glossy or even metallic to make your dinnerware the talk of the table!
If you have any questions about selecting dinnerware, registering for dinnerware or just want more information on what is available, contact us!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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