Do you know how hard your centerpiece works? For most, the answer would be "no". From what we have seen the centerpiece is the last thing on your mind when you are busy juggling menu plans, guest lists, and prepping your home for company. But did you know that your guests will recall your centerpiece just about as easily as they will what food you served, or even what the occasion was? You may be thinking "but, I worked so hard cooking and preparing the food...and isn't the whole point of the gathering to celebrate the occasion anyway?!" Well, yes, you are right, but the centerpiece dresses the table, defines the theme and sets the mood. You wouldn't put on your best dress and leave off the earrings or necklace would you? If you do, it's just a dress and not a killer outfit. At your next gathering, please don't leave your table under accessorized. You can thank me later.

Centerpiece - Copper Planter

Your next centerpiece does not have to be hard or time consuming. If you follow the directions below, you will have a stunning centerpiece that will last long after the party is over. 30 minutes is all it will take to accessorize your table and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The things we love most about our centerpiece is that it can be used indoors and out, the flowers can be replanted outdoors to make way for a new look, and you can grow the plants right in the centerpiece and enjoy the different blooms. Because we wanted a fuller look without having to wait on the flowers to bloom, we purchased multiple plants and re-potted them together. We recommend this approach if you are in a time crunch and would like a fuller look. If you plan on growing the plants in the pot or re-potting them outside you need to stick with one plant since condensing them damages the roots and does not give the recommended room for the plants to grow. (Make the centerpiece well ahead of time if you are waiting on the flowers to bloom!)

Step One

Gather your materials. The 6" copper pot can be purchased at bella vita either in store on our website. The flowers and pots can be found at your local garden center or nursery. We used:
  • (1) 6" copper pot, Verde
  • (1) 6" clay pot
  • (10) Peat Pots
  • (2) 8" Dahlietta Louise Dahlia's
  • (3) 6-packs of small filler-type flowers

Step Two

Combine the 2 Dahlia's by gently prying them out of their current packaging and breaking away some of the surrounding soil. You will know when you have broken off enough soil because they will fit together in the 6" clay pot.
copper verde planters

Place your combined plants into the clay pot. If you need to, add some of the soil you broke away to top off the pot for stability. Put the completed clay pot into the center of the copper pot, as shown.

Step Three

Tear away the plastic packaging from the 6-pack.

Depending on the fullness you are after tear away the soil until you are able to combine 2-3 into one peat pot. (We used 3 plants/sections for each peat pot). Because we wanted extra height around the perimeter of the copper pot, we stacked 2 peat pots together before inserting them into the centerpiece.

Place one completed peat pot into each of the 5 corners of the copper planter. Use your hands to gently maneuver each pot until you reach the desired angle and height of each plant.

Step Four

Admire- In three easy steps you have managed to just take your table to the next level.

So this weekend when you are looking for a creative project for you or the kids, get your gardening and your decorating done at once! The kids will love getting their hands dirty and you will love the impact the centerpiece makes in your home!

-The girls at bella vita

Things to Note:

  • If you prefer the look of classic copper to the Verde (green), you can purchase a 6" Classic Copper Pot on our website.
  • A smaller centerpiece can be achieved by using the 4" Copper Pot, available in both Verde and Classic. Adjust the size of flowers and interior pots accordingly.
  • To extend the life of your centerpiece, water and nourish each pot according the flowers' needs.

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Apr 19 2010

Vintage Gypsy

The stars aligned for Bella Vita and Vintage Gypsy this past weekend: The rain held off, the construction at Houston Levee and Poplar was finished, and y’all were eager to get out and get dolled up!

And what a show it was…newly designed pieces just in time for spring by designer and artist Paige Abernathy. Paige’s creative ability to craft antique jewelry into one-of-a-kind designs that blend beauty and romance with a touch of glam is truly amazing. And that creativity didn’t stop with her necklaces, earring and bracelets. Everyone, especially the Bella Vita girls, were overjoyed by the delightful display Paige built to feature her pieces…a virtual woodland wonderland draped in colorful flowers, baubles and chains from her spring collection.

Paige worked so hard to fill our trunk show, and if you made it by, then you know how she worked even harder to make sure you found the perfect piece. Adjusting chain length to suit a customer’s frame, even offering to design a collection of necklaces to match bridesmaids dresses. She is truly amazing and goes out of her way to please.

As Paige says, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seeing the excitement on a customer’s face when she sees a new piece makes me want to run home and get going on the next new thing.”

But don’t be too bummed if you didn’t make it by this weekend. You can get a taste of the excitement from the images below, and Paige left us stocked with a full display and promises of more on the way. So stop by soon and don’t forget, you can always order online at or call us anytime and we’ll help pick out a piece for you or that special person in your life.

- The girls at bella vita

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Have you ever met Memphis designers Lisa Miles and Anne Roberts? If you have, you’ll know why these two were chosen to decorate a child’s bedroom at the Decorator Showhouse at Carrier Hall. They outdid themselves, even when faced with floor-to-ceiling balloon-print wallpaper that would have sent us running! These photos give you an insider’s look at their creative work at the showhouse. If you’d like to learn more about this dynamic duo, visit their website at

The ladies’ piece de resistance is this custom canopy above each twin bed. The silk adds the elegant touch the house calls for, while the colors and coordinating patterns tie the wallpaper and accessories together into one beautiful package!

Do the vintage toys warm your heart at first glance? We stood and admired each one on opening night.

We think you need to see for yourself their work, along with our fabulous kitchen, keeping room and butler’s pantry, so if you’d like our LAST pair of showhouse tickets, leave a comment with your answer to the following question. Cross your fingers and maybe you’ll win!

Q. What is your favorite theme in a child’s room?

The winning entry will be chosen at random on Tuesday, April 20, at 5 p.m. CST. Good luck! We can’t wait to read your answers!

-The girls at bella vita

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