Scout Beach Bag

Here comes the sun, little's all right! Prepare to shake off the last of the winter blues with Bella Vita, and make way for a season of sunny days! Whether you're off to the lake, the beach, or to spend some much needed time with family, we have all you need to prepare for your best spring break yet!


Terry Beach Towel

Spring heat has never been so sweet! Soft, bright, and big, these towels are perfect for your lazy beach bum moments, drying off between dips, and impromptu cover-ups for those last minute lunches. 
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Pack up!

Scout Errand Boy

Beach bound? Put The Errand Boy to work! Spacious enough for all of your needs, stow away bottles of sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, towels and so much more in the newest design from Scout. Created from a special, easy-to-clean material, The Errand Boy will be perfect for all of your sandy days ahead.
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Out and About

Hobo Sable Wristlet

Your new best friend for evenings out, the Sable clutch by Hobo will keep pace in style with wherever your warm weather adventures may take you. Shopping, dinner and drinks, or a walk on the beach, you'll always have your essentials at hand, wherever you may be. 
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Getting Ready

Jon Hart Makeup Case

When it comes to travel, there are few things more frustrating than realizing that your cosmetics have spilled all throughout your bag, leaving crimson streaks of bright lipstick on your favorite clothing. Keep it collected with a Jon Hart makeup case, complete with your monogram!
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Get Carried Away

Canvas Beach Tote

Durable yet fashionable, these classically cute totes are perfect for every spring break need. Simplify your road trips, flights, and every moment in between with a pop of bright organization. Your everyday carryall will keep you covered, no matter what adventures the day may bring. 
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Odelle Hobo Handbag

If you're anything like us, the approach of warm weather leaves you itching for a good spring cleaning just about everywhere. It's time to freshen your closet, home, and most importantly...your handbag. Get organized and start anew this season with quality leather goods by Hobo that will keep pace with your busy lifestyle! See a few of our favorite features below: 

Meet Marley

Marley Hobo Bag

Simple sophistication that you can carry in comfort, Marley is your must-have bag for spring. An added bonus? The exterior zipper pocket is perfect for keys and the exterior slip pocket is made for your smartphone, so you'll always have your essentials close at hand. 
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Meet Odelle

Odelle Hobo Handbag

Your companion for every errand, outing, and date in-between, Odelle will become a fast favorite! A structured, fashionable, and multi-functional tote, this style features bottom snaps that can be closed or open- giving this bag two different looks, depending on your mood and the day.
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Loving Lauren

Hobo Lauren Wallet

Everyone's favorite girl is back! The popular Lauren wallet is the epitome of fashion meets function. The silhouette offers timeless style. Credit cards, cash, receipts, ID, and even your smartphone all fit inside and have their own specific places to stay secure and organized.
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Everyday Neutrals

Everly Hobo Handbag

Take the tough decision making out of your daily outfit planning with neutrals that pair with just about everything. Soft caramels and gentle creams seamlessly blend with your every style, so you'll never need to think twice before you step out the door. 
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Etta B Easter Pottery

It's as if the whole world breathes a sigh of relief at the first signs of spring, and here at Bella Vita, that first hint of budding hope takes the form of our popular Etta B bunnies! Refresh your heart, home, and table with these precious works of art, lovingly handcrafted to help you welcome both bright skies and treasured guests. Make yourself at home, and take a look at a few of our favorite pieces: 

Serve Sweetly 

Etta B Easter Pottery

Effortless Easter elegance, with homespun charm. Whether you're planning a celebratory formal dinner, or simply indulging in a relaxed evening with loved ones, these darling Etta B plates easily adapt for your every need. 
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An Easter Toast

Artland Glassware

A must have for simple sipping, these beautiful, yet durable stemware options from Artland are essential for completing your holiday table. With clean lines and a modern aesthetic, these glasses will become your new go-to for everyday meals and special occasions alike. 
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Pleasantly Peter

Etta B Easter Pottery

We're so glad that Peter made it out of Mr. McGregor's garden, because otherwise we'd never have been able to appreciate how sweet he looks on these Etta B. plates! Pick up yours today, before he decides to hop out the door!
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Bunnies & Bowls

Etta B Easter Pottery

As our personal favorite, we think we'll be asking the Easter bunny extra nicely if he'd put these sweet bowls in our basket this year! Perfect for jelly bean snacking, Easter luncheons and so much more, there's not a soul who wouldn't fall in love with these Etta B bunny bowls.
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