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There’s an area like it in every home. You know, that odd, awkward space that you can’t quite figure out what to do with? You tried hanging art. No luck. Placing a chair? Still not quite right. Not to worry, the blank space on the wall in seemingly the trickiest part of the house has a hero, and it’s one you’ve been overlooking: the console table. 

Find yourself stumped by the versatile piece of furniture that’s been a designer go-to for decades? We have five fresh ways to make this essential table help your space serve you best. Check it out: 

1. In the Entry

Designate a landing zone for your first steps in the door with a well-placed console table. Top it with a tray or bowl to catch keys, mail, and other knick-knacks, and hang a mirror above for those quick touch ups on the way to the car. We love this slender Medallion Iron Console Table to keep walking room open in busy foyers.
iron travertine console table

2. Media Stand

The TV may be one of the trickier things to decorate around in the home, but with the help of the perfect media center? Suddenly, even the DVD player looks a little dressier! For an urban aesthetic with extra concealed storage, we’d recommend the Wrought Iron Entertainment Center.
iron masculine media center

3. Buffet & Bar

Dinner party in your future? With a few quick odds and ends, the empty space in the dining room is suddenly a landing area for tasty treats and bubbly drinks alike. Utilize the storage space for your staple cocktail tools and spirits, or as a place to stow extra napkins, cake platters and more when they’re not in use. Add a punch of color to your aesthetic with our favorite Gansu Buffet
reclaimed teal console table

4. Office Station

Sometimes, the desk has a few too many jobs to do. A perfect spot for showcasing achievements and family mementos, the right console will also work double duty as a place to store extra paper clips, chargers, and other office essentials. We love the rustic look and extra space in the Reclaimed Multi Drawer Console Table.
light wood console table with drawers

5. Book Shelf

Extra stacks and running out of room to give them a proper home? Slip an open aired console table, like our Eloquence Draperie Console Table, under a window for a breezy, put together aesthetic and plenty of space for your favorite novels. 
eloquence draperie buffet

The Back Room by Bella Vita

back room by bella vita
Need more ideas? Whether you’ve got another tricky space you want to talk over with one of our design experts, or simply want to see more of our favorite console table options, we’ve got you covered. Swing by The Back Room by Bella Vita or give us a call(901-850-2403) and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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winter table setting ideas
There's a sense of hope in the air. Lights twinkling, gifts gathering, and hearts glowing. It's Christmas magic, and it's finally here! Yet among all of the beauty of the season, there's a truth here too. That sparkling feeling? It doesn't just happen. It's a lovingly created art, from the hearts and homes of people just like you. But this year? You want something new. A clean slate and a fresh perspective on the holiday table, and a modern way to welcome guests 
without compromising on tradition. Luckily for you? Bella Vita has it all, right here. Explore our 2016 guide to the perfect Christmas table.

 Get the look: Root Wood Charger, Susan Gordon Monogram Salad Plate Set, Round Natural Twig Ball Ornament, Casafina Bistro Dinner Plate, Good Earth Luncheon plate in Truffle or Celery patterns

initial white salad plate

Get the Look: Gold Leaf Wine Glasses, Gold-Dipped Wooden Tabletop Tree

table linens for christmas
Get the Look: Linen Napkins

stockings at dinner table 

Get the Look: Gold Dipped Wood Tabletop Tree

Get the Look: Natural Twig Ball Ornament

Get the Look: Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Other products used in this winter tablescape include, or are similar to:

Aqua Marble Ornament
Dining Chair Set
EMYO Emily Ozier Paintings

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