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It’s inevitable. As the days of holiday gatherings continue to approach, you begin to analyze your home for both what’s working…and what’s not. The dining room? You cringe to think about your abandoned design plans (we know, you never intended that outdated table to become a laundry catch-all), and much less the reality of preparing to host Thanksgiving 2016 in an unfinished room. Rest easy. Here are our top five essential tips from The Back Room by Bella Vita for upgrading the dining area in a flash:


Our number one piece of advice for the dining space? Your lighting is what sets the entire tone of the room. For a laid-back take on traditionally opulent chandeliers, opt for one of our favorites: this elegant, beaded glass beauty that elevates the room to a relaxed, polished space you’ll be proud of.




The perfect dining table is not a one size, fits all approach, but here a few key things to keep in mind when making your decision: 1. The number of people you expect to host on a regular basis.  2. Wall color: we recommend opting for a table in a contrasting light or dark shade for creating a subtle statement. 3.  The overall shape of the room. Smaller space? Our circular farmhouse style tables make a nice choice for optimum maneuverability, as well as promoting flowing dinner conversation.


round elm plank dining table 

rectangle natural dining table 

rectangle dining table 


That wedding china has to be somewhere when it’s not in use, doesn’t it? Seize the opportunity to display it with flair, alongside other treasured family mementos. Our Grace Farmhouse Cabinet is a favorite for those with a penchant for modern style while keeping with a traditional, timeless aesthetic. 

grace farmhouse china cabinet 

grace farmhouse china cabinet 


As with any home, flexibility is a key component in making every space serve you to the best of its ability. This elegant statement Italian Iron Console table makes a stunning statement piece, but also works flawlessly when doubled as a buffet for large events. 


When it finally comes time to tie the overall flow of the room together? Look for beautiful statement pieces that speak uniquely to you. A favorite of ours? Whether used as an accent or a functional piece between rooms, this vintage set of doors from the 1940’s is perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind, cozy atmosphere that ties the entire room together.

antique tall doors circa 1940s 

 Curious to see more of our favorite statement pieces? Browse more furniture pieces online. In town? Stop by The Back Room to see them for yourself!

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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Like you, I love all things beautiful. The word. The life. The way it makes your soul feel warm and cozy. So curl up with the Girls at Bella Vita as we share our lives with you- our families and friends, our inspirations and ideas, our homes and nests- quite simply, our take on creating a beautiful life.
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