We could not wait to share our news with you all! After years of many doctors’ visits, waiting, wondering and countless disappointments, we are beyond thrilled to announce…

singley baby announcement 
Image courtesy of Allison Rodgers Photography

“Grateful” cannot even describe how we feel about the love and support shown to us by our family and friends. And you, our loyal customers, have played such a huge part in our lives that we feel comfortable in sharing with you the journey that brought us where we are today. 

2011 – 1st Pregnancy, 2 Painful Surgeries

So that’s where we will go. The beginning for us was in February of 2011 when Brent & I decided to remove preventive methods. At that time, we could not have imagined the road that waited ahead of us. In August we were thrilled to learn that we were pregnant! As we excitedly went in for our 6-week ultrasound, our joy quickly turned to fear as we learned that the sac was not shaped correctly. Our doctor informed us that there was a 50/50 chance the sac would reshape on its own. Sadly, one week later, it had not. And so in late August, devastated, I went in for a Dilation and Curettage, (D&C) which is a surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and a special instrument is used to scrape the uterine lining removing any dead tissue. 

4 weeks later, in September, Brent & I returned to the doctor for my post-op appointment and shockingly, we were told that I was still testing positive for pregnancy. After further testing, it was concluded that I was not pregnant, but in fact still had fetal tissue that had been improperly left behind from the D&C procedure. I then underwent a second D&C; yet this time it was performed in the doctor’s office and I was wide awake. The pain was almost unbearable, both physically and emotionally. That day really took a toll on our hearts. Scarred from that experience, we felt it best to find a new doctor and so we set up a consult with Dr. Dulaney of Germantown, TN. Our appointment was set for January of 2012 and we looked forward to that time with hopeful hearts.

We looked forward to the holidays as we awaited the New Year and meeting a new doctor. As many of you all may remember, Christmas season for our family that year was celebrated very differently as December 4th was the day my mother had her near fatal accident. That Christmas, we celebrated life and gratitude for my mother’s safety. 

 2012 – 2nd Pregnancy, 2 More Surgeries 

Our New Year was celebrated with my sweet mother’s release from the hospital and as she was healing, we went off to meet Dr. Dulaney. We thoroughly enjoyed our consult with her and she was very receptive to hearing that at 30 years old, we wanted to be proactive. Her initial plan was to do an exploratory ultrasound and we could not believe what she discovered. I was suffering from a uterine septum – basically, some dead tissue in the uterus that can terminate a pregnancy by not allowing proper nutrients to the fetus. From here, our hearts heavy with this news, we were referred to Dr. Kutteh at Fertility Associates of Memphis. Much to our dismay, there was no opening for a new patient until July. We made the appointment, but also did further research for a doctor who could see us sooner.

In March of 2012, we were able to get in with Dr. Martin at UT Medical Group. He discussed with us all the many types of uterine septum's and felt it best for me to have an MRI to get a better look and what type I was dealing with. Unfortunately, during this MRI, Dr. Martin learned that I have a titled uterus, therefore making it impossible to see what was going on.

Another dead-end. Another disappointment. But we were not going to give up. Forward on! We began calling Fertility Associates periodically hoping to catch a canceled appointment. Our persistence worked! There was an opening for May 25 and it had our name on it. Not to mention this was the same day Brent & I were hosting a big surprise 60th birthday party for my mama, but we were not missing this appointment! So we finally got in to meet Dr. Kutteh, and the first step was to perform a saline sonohysterogram to determine what needed to be done about the uterine septum. During this procedure, a catheter is threaded to the uterus and a saline balloon is inflated allowing for better view of the uterus via ultrasound. Through this procedure, it was decided that I needed to undergo surgery to have the septum removed. Dr. Kutteh performed the successful surgery in early June of 2012. 

By early September we found out we were pregnant again! You can imagine our joy! Dr. Kutteh wanted to monitor the heartbeat every week, which we were so appreciative of his attentiveness. 6-weeks brought a good heartbeat. 7-weeks also showed a strong heartbeat. And on the 8-week check, we still had a strong little heartbeat. We went in for our 9-week checkup feeling confident we would have the same results. Our hearts were broken when a heartbeat was unable to be found.

With the hopes and dreams of a family getting further and further away, I had my 3rd D&C in early October. Following Dr. Kutteh’s advice, we had the fetus genetically tested and learned that there were chromosomal unbalances. With this news, Brent and I were genetically tested as well, but our results were within normal range.

2013 – Ectopic Pregnancy, Emergency Surgery & 2 Failed IVF Procedures

Another new year was upon us and in early February of 2013, Brent & I found ourselves learning that we were pregnant for the 3rd time! This pregnancy started off on the wrong foot. My HCG levels were up and down and no sac could be seen via ultrasound. And again, we heard the doctor tell us that we needed to have a D&C. This would be our 4th one. During this procedure, no fetal tissue was found; leading the doctors to believe this was an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous due to a non-viable fetus being implanted into the fallopian tube. It could cause extreme damage to the tube before it ever miscarried. I was immediately put on a medication called methotrexate, a form of chemo, to stop continued growth of the already non-viable fetus in my fallopian tube. 

While working at Itty Bitty Bella one day in March I began to feel very sick and in pain. After tests were run at the emergency room, it was concluded that my right fallopian tube had ruptured and I was admitted into the hospital. Dr. Kutteh performed emergency surgery at 11:00pm that evening in order to remove the tube. In April at my post-operation appointment, I was ordered to have another sonohysterogram to get the “all clear” to move on with treatment. The results showed that I had scar tissue from the 4th D&C that needed to be removed in order to proceed with fertility treatment. Dr. Kutteh also performed this surgery and my post-op care. 

Working from home the week after the emergency fallopian tube removal

Early summer had arrived and we were exhausted and feeling like a change was needed. So with our future on our mind, we began seeking second opinions from other fertility clinics. We visited clinics in both Atlanta and Birmingham and eventually choose to move forward with Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta. It was a good fit for us and the location was convenient due to the fact that we travel to Atlanta for Market often. 

brent and stephanie
Out to dinner in Atlanta while there for IVF treatment

So in August of 2013, we began treatment for IVF (in-vitro fertilization). We loved the clinic in Atlanta and the traveling to and from was not a hassle. Brent & I were grateful for the extra time to spend together and of course we still found lots of hours for work!

The girls were so kind to send us packages of things we had forgotten or needed
brent and stephanie
At the clinic in Atlanta for our first IVF transfer

September came and we were saddened by the news that our first IVF was a failed attempt. We powered through and felt it best to keep up the momentum. So we began treatment for a second IVF in October. On Halloween day, we got the call that our second IVF attempt had also failed. 

Watching the embryos on screen at the clinic

We found ourselves now at a crossroad. What were we to do? Where would we go from here? Our chances of having a baby the “natural” way were looking pretty bleak. We started focusing our hours of talking on the ideas of adoption and surrogacy. We also found great comfort in knowing that we still had embryos being stored for us in Atlanta. Thankfully the stores kept us very busy throughout the holidays and it was a blessing to be surrounded by supportive family and friends. 

2014 – Life Changing News - 4th Pregnancy

brent and stephanie

As 2013 can to an end and we were getting ready for a new fresh year with new possibilities, we were utterly shocked to find out on January 1st that we were pregnant again! What were the chances of it happening naturally after countless surgeries, 2 failed IVF’s and with only 1 fallopian tube? Dr. Kutteh, back at Fertility Associates of Memphis, monitored us very closely until I was 11 weeks along. At this time, he gave us the all clear to return to Dr. Dulaney, my OBGYN. As of today, we are 18 weeks along and everything looks healthy!

This has been an incredible journey, and we know the road is still being built before us. There has been so much pain and disappointment. Not to mention opening a baby store when all of this began, and dealing with the ache of owning a precious store for itty bitty ones and watching so many sweet mommies-to-be come and go over the last 3 years, while behind the scenes our hearts were hurting. 

But now, we have our own “Baby Singley” shelf at Itty Bitty Bella and our hearts overflow each time we add to our little collection. Brent & I look forward to what this next chapter holds for our family and we are beyond thankful that we have amazing family, friends and customers to share in our joy with us!


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EMYO and Crafts and Love Jewelry

Join us for our special Spring trunk show event this Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22, from 10A - 6P, featuring fresh collections from canvas artist, EMYO (Emily Ozier), and jewelry artist, Courtney, of Crafts and Love!

EMYO's Canvas Art Collection of NYC in Neutral

Enjoy the tony streets of New York City---without leaving the comforts of home. Introducing Emily Ozier's newest collection of paintings, Shades of a City. Inspired by her love for New York City, EMYO's new series is a fresh and modern view of the city that never sleeps. 

emyo painting

Each piece from this artistic collection features a scene from the most prominent areas of NYC, which EMYO portrays with a cast of distinct neutral hues. 

Meet Emily Ozier

emyo and family
Photos from EMYO's scrapbook of her and her family's most recent trip to NYC

EMYO's showstopping collection will be on display throughout the weekend, and you can visit with her in store on Saturday from 11A - 4P. Not only will you have the opprotunity to meet her in person, but you'll also have a chance to get to know more about the inspiration behind her latest series of paintings. With vibrant tones, rich textures, scenes from the ravishing streets of NYC and a chance to meet the artist herself in person, we guarantee it's an event you won't want to miss.

Crafts and Love's Jewelry Collection of Spring Bling

crafts and love necklace

Freshen your wardrobe with the exquisite pieces from our newest line of jewelry, Crafts and Love, exclusive to Bella Vita. Affordable for every on-the-go style, each piece is handcrafted with simple and modern touches, vintage and romantic details to make the collection shine. 

With artistically crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even rings, there's a unique treasure to don for all occasions.

Meet Courtney- the Artist of Crafts and Love

crafts and love word cuffs

Courtney will be in store both Friday and Saturday from 10A - 6P featuring her entire collection of unique handmade minimalist jewelry full of color and style for the modern woman.

15% Off Your Entire Purchase

As an added bonus, we're giving all of those who come out to our trunk show this weekend 15% off your entire purchase, Friday and Saturday only

The weekend of March 21 and 22 is full of fresh collections and friendly faces. So do us a favor please, and "Start spreading the news...."

-The Girls at Bella Vita

15% off purchase offer is only valid in-store Friday-Saturday, March 21-22, 2014. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer; past purchases will not be adjusted. One use per person. Not valid on original artwork (including Emily Ozier) and special orders. Other restrictions apply, see store for details.

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Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping Brent and I design the living spaces of our home. - Stephanie

boy's bedroom

It’s easy to see that this bedroom belongs to a young athlete, but many people are surprised that the backbone of this masculine design came from a boutique like Bella Vita!

The Metal Trunks

metal trunk side table

My favorite pieces in this room are the metal bedside tables.  These unique metal trunks had just been placed on display in Bella Vita’s front window, minutes before I pulled into the parking lot.  The girls were so kind to disassemble their work for me to take the trunks to my client. 

metal trunk table

This sports-loving middle school boy lives down the hall from his older brother, whose room I had the pleasure of designing a few years ago.  Being the second child in my own family, I knew I had to find something equally as cool and interesting to flank the bed in this space.  The old trunks from Bella Vita would be perfect!  I especially love that they are different colors, and that the green trunk pulls color from his framed Sports Illustrated prints.  To raise them to a usable bedside table height, I commissioned a local metal craftsman to build steel stands, which house autographed prints and sports memorabilia below. 

The Bedding

The linen headboard is another custom piece with contrasting baseball stitching at the fabric seams.  His bedding is a comfortable mixture of Bella Vita’s Pine Cone Hill and Bella Notte Bedding.  Who would have thought beautiful Bella Notte is for boys too?  It’s all soft and washable…actually perfect for boys of all ages!  The burlap pillow was painted by yours truly…a DIY task I rarely take on, but when another Bama fan is in need, I do what has to be done!  Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer!

The Shelves


The miniature football helmet collection is a fantastic representation of this middle school boy’s personality – how cool are these?  

football helmets

When I initially started work on this space, the helmets were lining the front edges of the built in bookshelves…all over those bookshelves.  I love that he has gone to such lengths to collect all of them, and the best part is that he arranges them on a weekly basis per their ranking!  They had to be showcased in a single location.  Once we moved them onto this custom walnut display, they became a piece of art.

The Bookcase

The bookshelves were casually filled with photos, trophies, and other items that are meaningful to this young boy.  

bookshelves in room

The Matchstix photo frames, also from Bella Vita, add dimension to the bookshelves with their layered construction and coloring. I wanted this area to be personal and expressive for him, but mature and uncluttered. 

This teenager’s room turned out to be one of my favorite projects.  It’s a young “man cave”…and it’s still beautiful enough that his parents enjoy it too!

Who knew Bella Vita and all it's trendy home decor and accessories could be for guys, too?


Becca Gaines is an Interior Designer in the Memphis area. She lives at Home in Collierville with her husband Jake, and 17 month old Jovie. Becca is a graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and is registered as an Interior Designer with the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering Examiners. She’s also been awarded certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Oh yeah, and she worked as an intern at Looney Ricks Kiss Architects too. 

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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Like you, I love all things beautiful. The word. The life. The way it makes your soul feel warm and cozy. So curl up with the Girls at Bella Vita as we share our lives with you- our families and friends, our inspirations and ideas, our homes and nests- quite simply, our take on creating a beautiful life.
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