Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping Brent and I design the living spaces of our home. We thought we would seek her expertise and get some ideas to pass onto you about how to get your homes ready for Fall. - Stephanie

Bringing Fall Into Your Home

I have so many favorite things about the fall season.  From the tastes of pumpkin spice, apple cider, and caramel to the changing leaves, pumpkin patches and Alabama football, I try to bring pieces of it all into my home when decorating for fall.

Set the Mood with Scents

Decorating for Fall - Soy Votive Candles

As soon as the temperature starts to drop, you can find me in Bella Vita smelling each of the new fall soy votive candles.  My husband’s all-time favorite scents are pumpkin spice and cinnamon, so you can guarantee our home will smell like one of those all fall…with undertones of a green egg family meal or a late night bon fire.

Decorating for Fall - New House to Home
Image Courtesy of New House to Home

When we decorate our homes in celebration of a season or holiday, we are creating a mood or feeling.  Seasonal scents play a big part in this because smells are so strongly linked to our memory.  This is why candles or fragrances are always one of my first recommendations for seasonal or event decorating. 

Harvest Beautiful Things

Fall Decorating Ideas - Pinterest
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The fall harvest and changing leaves make this season beautiful and exciting.  I love collecting a variety of pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn to display at my front door and throughout my house.  They come in such a variety of colors, I do this every year, and it still looks different each time.   

Menagerie Farms - Collierville, TN

If you need pumpkins, Collierville’s 65 acre Menagerie Farm will be open to the public for Family Night on October 12 from 4-7 pm.  Kids can pick their own pumpkin from the patch among other fun activities!

Fall Decorating Ideas - Garden District
Image Courtesy of Stephanie Lynn

Some years I really embrace the rich fall oranges, yellows and greens.  And some years I prefer white pumpkins and a neutral pallet. 

Fall Decorating Ideas - Garden District
Image Courtesy of Garden District

This year I am fascinated with cotton and its soft contrast to pumpkins and hay bales.  

Fall Decorating Ideas - Lolly Jane
Image Courtesy of Lolly Jane

And cotton displayed with burlap on a wreath. What could be more southern that that?

Collierville Farmers Market

Did you know Collierville has a Farmers Market?  This is a great way to pick up some fresh local produce for fall decorating and family meals.

Prepare for the Festivities

Metal Turkey Door Hanger

Alabama Football Door Burlee

Besides the cooling weather, gorgeous changing leaves and delicious fall harvest, this season is full of festivities! Once I have my home smelling like fall, and my collection from the fall harvest, I fill in around it with fun holiday (or football) accents.  

Decorating for Fall - My Owl Barn
Image Courtesy of My Owl Barn

I have always loved carving silly faces into pumpkins!  However, if you don’t enjoy plunging your arm elbow deep into a pumpkin to scrape out the insides, masquerade masks are whimsical way to dress them up for Halloween without the mess.

Off the Wall Fall Plaques

Another one of my personal fall favorites from Bella Vita is Off the Wall’s collection of word plaques.  These are an adorable addition to any door or decorative cart full of pumpkins for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Happy Decorating!

Becca Gaines is an Interior Designer in the Memphis area. She lives in Collierville with her husband, Jake, and daughter, Jovie.  Becca is a graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and an award winning designer.  She has earned certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and is a Registered Interior Designer with the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering Examiners.  Oh yeah, and she has been featured in Southern Accents, At Home Tennessee, and Memphis' own Fix Magazine.

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If you haven't figured it out yet, we have a thing for a good stack of bangles. No matter the size or shape, bracelets are a necessity to bring an extra bit of funky style to every outfit, and the fashion world just happens to agree with us. 

Palabra Bronze Cross Bangle

Must Have Look

More than ever, bangles are a must-have with every look, and we love the minimal effort that is required to fall in line with this trend. In fact, we're making it easier than ever for you to join the bangle bandwagon with yet another collection of bracelets made just for the accessory-loving lady.

Palabra Silver Fleur Bangle

Everyday Wearable Style

The people that brought you the timeless metallics in the Palabra jewelry line are back with the newest addition to their repertoire- a set of fantastic, metallic bangles ready to wear with your every ensemble. We're so thankful for the talent of our local artisan friends, and can't get enough of the everyday wearable style that each piece of jewelry in their collection shares. 

Palabra Silver Fanciful Hearts Bangle

Simple & Versatile

With just the right touch of detail and the power of classic, hand hammered metal design, each one is ready to bring the strength of solid style to your look, and they simply could not be more versatile. Every age and style preference is sure to be pleased by a look that is totally classic and a little bit edgy. 

Palabra Bronze Fleur Bangle

For Every Age & Style Preference

From etchings of hearts to crosses and dainty flowers, the embellished gold and silver pieces are the perfect go-to bracelet to add a bit of extra style to your day. Looking for a gift? Each bangle was created just for your special occasions, and they're sure to please every age and style preference. 

Palabra Silver Cross Bangle

You can't go wrong with a wrist full of glitz, and a Palabra bangle or two is the perfect way to start your collection. After all, we can all benefit from the look of a little arm candy, right?

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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We all love them. The pieces of art or the photographs that get handed down from generation to generation, accompanied by a story that you know is true because of the depth of detail it holds. This is the true definition of a family heirloom, a treasure that will be displayed and adored for as long as we let it. 

Sugarboo Designs

Our newest artist understands the power behind these kind of artistic works, and she strives to create a genuine heirloom feel with each painting that she brings to life in her studio. We are so excited to introduce you to our latest collection of character-filled wall hanging, Sugarboo Designs.

The Ones You Love

Sugarboo Art

Sugarboo began with the vision of a Georgia native and her love for custom artistic pieces to add character to the home. Rebecca and her husband Rick began the line with one goal: to create products that remind people of the ones they love, and she continues to do that through each photo box, key chain and antiqued sign that she creates. 

Unlikely Combinations

Sugarboo Art

Rebecca draws inspiration from antiques, nature, children's art and folk art when beginning a new piece, and each print features the unlikely combination of all things opposite: old vs. new, soft vs. hard, sentimental vs. modern… oh, how the list continues!

Whimsy Character

Sugarboo Art

We can't get enough of the whimsy and character within each art print in the Sugarboo collection, and especially love the added texture that comes with the addition of Rebecca's favorite materials to each masterpiece. 

More Than Just a Work of Art

Sugarboo Art

From vintage, reclaimed wood to metal and sepia toned photographs and our very favorite substance, burlap, Sugarboo pieces are more than just a work of art- they contain all of the personality required to make them a family heirloom and a piece that will be handed down with stories for years on end.

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Original Art, Original Artists 

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