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You've worked all year for this day, so relax, stop in anytime, and enjoy the savings during our Labor Day Sale. With many of your favorite items marked down, you can rest easy that there’s nothing more to labor over other than what to purchase first…

  • Lamps in all sizes, shapes—15% off
  • Summer Hobo and Scout bags and totes—40% off
  • Select Matchstix frames—30% off
  • Candles, all scents, size and makers—15% off
  • French Bull kitchenware—40% off
  • Lollia lotions and more—15% off
  • Select bedding–50% off
  • Artland glasses & more—15 to 30% off
  • Hinge towel wraps—50% off
  • And accessories to match your lifestyle, up to 50% off
We can't wait to see you!
-The Girls at Bella Vita

Offer valid in-store only Thursday, August 29 - Saturday, August 31. Special orders are not included. Past purchases will not be adjusted. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Becca Gaines is an interior designer living in Collierville, TN. She's a longtime customer of Bella Vita, and is currently helping Brent and I design the living spaces of our home. - Stephanie

Family Photo Walls - Why I Love Them

Many of my clients have told me they want a wall full of family photos, but they are either stumped when it comes to selecting the frames or they are worried it will be too casual. However, there are five reasons I love the idea of treasuring and sharing family memories in a photo frame collage.

#1- Opportunity for Large Scale Texture

With a collection of many frames, it’s possible to create a lot of interest through use of different textures and materials.  The Singley’s frames are different textures, materials, and sizes, but all are white washed.  That common design element across the collection of frames keeps the collage interesting without overwhelming.  This consistency is especially important in their situation because this wall is visible from across their living room.

frame wall

Frame Wall
Stephanie's frames are made of different materials, but the common design element is that they are all white-washed

#2- A Conversation Starter

A photo frame collection is an artistic way to personalize your space with familiar, loving faces.  Narrow passageways like halls, vestibules, and staircases are great locations for this kind of wall décor, because passer-bys are standing close enough to enjoy the photos.  That means you get to look at them often, and guests are a nearly captive audience.  What better way to show off your beautiful loved ones!

Singley Frame Wall
Visitors always seem to be drawn to photo walls. Stephanie tells me that "every time someone goes up the stairs, they admire the wall and the family photos. It's so interesting to new visitors"

#3- It's OK to Keep it Simple!

Another one of my favorite photo wall techniques uses the same frame throughout the entire collection. Textural interest like the Singley’s can be added by selecting an assortment of frame sizes and an assortment of mat cuts - even among frames that are the same size and orientation - just as I did for my client, Debra and Brent Williams.

brent and debra williams frame wall

For this wall, we kept it simple with the same style frames, but varied the frame and mat size.

#4- Modular Design

Because the design itself is modular, you place the frames where you need them.  That could mean wrapping a corner, or climbing the stairs like the Singley’s.  The Singley’s photo collage helps bring a tall empty wall down to human-scale.  Now, they can enjoy their large vaulted living room without feeling swallowed.   

Singley Frame Wall

#5- Your Story

The very best part is that these collections tell a story about the people who make that house a home… like walking into a page of their family photo album. The Singleys plan to complete their family photo wall this fall at their yearly session with the very talented, Allison Rodgers. They started this tradition so that the Singleys would have a photo of every year they've been married. This year will be No. 5 with Allison, and they look forward to filling their walls with many more.

allison rodgers canvas photo
Image courtesy of Allison Rodgers Photography

Planning Your Photo Wall

So how do you determine where to hang your frames over a staircase without putting extra holes in your wall?  I've seen many clever tips on Pinterest for this kind of project.  Our method was extremely fast and easy.  However, it involved the use of a computer drafting program called AutoCAD, which is not accessible to most people. 

On site to make sure we get it right the first time!

Singley Frame Wall Layout

As a designer, I use this program for floor plans, elevations, and other technical drawings.  I am able to input field measurements from the space to create a virtual copy in my computer.  I created several photo frame layouts to share with Stephanie and Brent for approval.  

frame wall autocad drawing

One even included a virtual "Brent" for scale, based on his actual height of 6 foot-1inch.  After our selection was made, I set my laptop up in their living room and directed the exact location of each frame based on dimensions in the computer.  But how is this helpful if you don't have access or training in AutoCAD?  

The frames look staggered or random, but there is a reason for their placement.  If you draw an imaginary line, 18" parallel to the angle if the stairs, you will see that the lowest frames rest on this line.  I used this as a border when I began placing frames.  For a DIY frame layout, start by taping off this boundary on your wall with painter's tape.  I chose this distance so that all photos are in viewing range for an average height person climbing the stairs.

Singley Frame Wall Layout

frame wall autocad drawing

Most of the frames are centered vertically in a group or they line up with another frame.  So while they still look random, there is a lot of organization behind their placement.  This gives serenity to a collection of so many pieces.

Becca Gaines is an Interior Designer in the Memphis area. She lives in Collierville with her husband, Jake, and daughter, Jovie.  Becca is a graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and an award winning designer.  She has earned certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and is a Registered Interior Designer with the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering Examiners.  Oh yeah, and she has been featured in Southern Accents, At Home Tennessee, and Memphis' own Fix Magazine.

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Vintage College Wares
We have the perfect game-plan for your game day!

“Two, four, six, eight … We’ve got style, yes we do! We’ve got style, how about you?”

OK, clearly I was never a cheerleader in high school. And up until recently, I was never one to show off my team pride—let me rephrase that, my husband’s college pride—until I discovered a new collection of collegiate wares that is in keeping with my own personal style. 

You see, I just wasn't fond of the whole college-logoed stuff that fans of all ages sport so proudly. Whether a front door flag or foam finger, or hair bow or handbag, the big bold primary colors, chunky fonts and charging mascots just weren't my thing. And that’s just fine, mind you. I like it when other people show their school spirit—namely my sweet Alabama-lovin’ husband—just not on my front door. 

Again, that was until now. 

Alabama Football Burlee
Add some extra team spirit to your front door with a football burlee.

Check out my favorite burlee I've nailed so proudly to my antique-washed front door. I love it! Roll Tide! 

In fact, I love everything about our new collection of SEC collegiate gifts. They feel more vintage, more inspired—designs that stand out among the typical fanfare items. Take for instance our placemats. 

Mississippi State Vintage Placemats
Sport your favorite college team's logo down to your place settings.

For starters, if you know me and shop Bella Vita (which I hope you do!), you know how much we love natural colors and fibers, designs that have depth and texture. I love the tan background of these placemats, and the simple one-color design complete with old-school pennant. 

Ole Miss Vintage Dinner Napkins
Show your team spirit with these disposable napkins that make cleaning a breeze.

Couple those with the natural-colored team napkins and you have the makings of a tailgate party that is sure to stand out among the crowd in The Grove. 

Pom Pom Blankets
Snuggle up in our fun and funky pom pom blankets while you watch the game.

So whether you’re a football fan, a baseball enthusiast, a soccer mom or an area alumnus, I invite you to the store to check out all of this new merchandise. We have pompom blankets to keep you warm in the stands and fashionable scarves in SEC team colors that look stylish long after the game. 

Orange Tote
This canvas tote will hold all of your necessities, taking you from tailgate to touchdown.

Tailgate or not, Rebels, Vols, Tigers or Tide—we’re ready to help you look completely stylish while showing off your team pride. 

Game Day Gift Guide

Stop in or log on to see our Collegiate Gift Guide and receive 15% off from Wednesday to Saturday, August 21-24.

Now to finish that cheer… “Who do we appreciate?!” That’s easy, you.

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