Hobo Spring/Summer Collection

The life of a woman can often be compared to a juggling act. No matter the role that we play- wife, mother, employee, friend- rarely does a day go by that doesn't pull us in at least a few different directions. Despite all of the craziness though, there is one thing that we can depend on to take us from the office to a night on the town (and every destination in between). That go-anywhere companion, friend, is the purse. 

The creators of Hobo seemed to understand the crucial role that a purse plays in every gal's life when they designed their newest line for spring. Full of the bright, punchy colors that keep each bag right on trend with the of-the-moment looks of today's fashionistas, each shape and size is ready to take on the busiest schedule with the utmost style and durability. From cross body satchels to small wristlet clutches all the way up to the go-to oversized tote, each Hobo bag features the character and strength that define us, with the versatility and fun that get us through the most demanding days.

Crossbody Satchel

Cross-body Satchel


Jade WristletWristlet

Oversized Tote

Patti Tote

Behind the fun colors and shapes that Hobo brings to each member of the spring collection, the promise of high quality leather stands true, making each piece as timeless as it is trendy. Not much can compare to a purse that has the whole package- style, boldness and practicality. Go ahead, we dare you to take it on your busiest day and see how many compliments you get on your impeccable taste and style!

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-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we know that when it comes to mom, only the best will do to help celebrate her on this special day. With all the pressure of what to give this year, we've come up with a way to make shopping for that extra special lady in your life so easy, its right at your fingertips. 

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This little birdie—or should I say doggie—told me I missed National Pet Day recently. (It was on April 11.) Now I know why the “big dog” Brinkley, our brown lab-pointer mix, was looking at me so forlornly all that day. Maybe she was expecting an extra-special treat for all that she has to put up with around here.

I had to laugh, honestly, as I got to thinking about life with Brinkley and what she would have to say as the ever-adored, always-spoiled baby of Bella Vita. So we’re giving her bark true voice as our guest blogger. 

Sit, stay. And be a good girl, Brinkley. 



Ah, the beautiful life. What does it look like for the four-legged furry friends of this world? Well, I think I can safely speak for all of us when we tell you that it’s the little things, the hidden wonders behind the rocks, up the trees and through the windows, which you people seem to quickly pass by, that keep our tails wagging ‘round every corner. 

Brinkley In Tahoe

Take for instance, my happiest of days, the most seemingly simple: riding in my Tahoe on sunny Saturday afternoons, just hanging out with my pal, Brent. Or finally being let free to chase the same squirrels that taunt me in my very own backyard (can you imagine?!). 

Then there’s the late-night photo-shoots in the store or at home, especially when I get to be the star of the show in my very own photo op for a Bella Vita blog post. (We all have to pitch in and lend our talents to the store, don’t we?) 

Brinkley On Couch

There’s also the thrill of not getting caught on the furniture. (Here’s how you do it. Shimmy your hind end and back two legs right up to the cushion; plop it up and look like nothing’s out of the ordinary. But note to keep your two front legs on the floor for a quick getaway, if necessary.)  And the unique ability to know just when my human needs a hug or stress reliever by giving me a belly pet or two; it’s just another simple day on the job for us furry friends.  

So, we guess it’s OK not to shower us with lavish bones or treats on National Pet Day—if you just keep it simple and sweet the other 364. Give us an ear rub, let us think we’re not getting caught when we sheepishly dig into your open purse, and give us time to sniff out what’s on that tree.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t that be good practice if our two-legged friends took time out of their busy days for the same things too? OK, maybe you shouldn’t be sniffing trees. Stick to flowers. 

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