Creativity is In (a.k.a., "Hipster")

This may sound odd, but lucky for parents, creativity itself is IN right now!  You've seen those teens…the ones who are unusually cultured in liberal arts and dressed with apparent unaware effort.  Mom, those are "hipsters"!  

When your child starts picking out the same crocheted throw pillows as your grandmother…when they bring home a typewriter to keep in their room…or when they decide to frame a collection of your old TAPES (yes tapes), embrace their inner hipster.  Those unusual accents could be just the ironic piece that bedroom needs.  

creative kids bedroom
Photo courtesy of Project Nursery

creative kids bedroom
Courtesy of The Boy and The Boo

creative kids bedroom
Courtesy of The Boy and The Boo

creative kids bedroom
Courtesy of The Boy and The Boo

Feed your hipster's desire to collect "stuff" and to hang their treasures around the room.  Unique shelves or bulletin boards can help confine those larger collections, making them tidier and more impressive.  Lori Weitzner's magnetic linen wall covering is one of my favorite "bulletin boards".  It is discrete when there is nothing hanging on it, and there are no pins to leave ugly holes.  Plus, it's eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, so your hipster will love it!

The Study Area

Start with a study nook or a comfy arm chair.  Both are useful for reading, and provide extra seating for friends.  (Plus its nice to have somewhere for their giant backpacks to land every afternoon.)

bama roll tide bedroom
Courtesy of yours truly, Becca Gaines

kids bedroom chair
Courtesy of yours truly, Becca Gaines

Last year, my sister and I confiscated boxes of our grandfather's old law books.  He thought it was so strange.  To us, they are beautiful and sentimental.

Parents, get excited again!  Vintage books and spaces that say "I love to read!" are in right now.  If their room looks like they love to read…maybe they will?

carved letter book

carved letter books

Then think Sherlock Holmes… complete with tattered books, bell jars, lace and mustaches.

bell jar

mustache pillow
Courtesy of Sasse & Belle

Slip Covers, and their industrial roots

Until the time of the Industrial Revolution, only the extreme upper classes could afford upholstered furniture.  As soon as the American middle class got their hands on the new cushy seating, they wanted to protect it.  A new summer tradition was born as oriental carpets came up and slipcovers went on the upholstery to protect it from dirt and sweat during the hottest months.  Does that sound like a useful trick in your kid's room?

This beautiful, brilliant trend is back, along with many other industrial influences.  Factory carts, metal pharmacy cabinets, quirky lights, raw wooden stumps, cigar leather details, and (my favorite) cowhides! 

industrial bedroom
Courtesy of ProHandMade

industrial bedroom
Courtesy of es Paper Blog

industrial bedroom
Courtesy of Restoration Hardware


This might be the most difficult trend to swallow:  white walls.  You might think that would be boring, but white is never boring!  It's a very dramatic color that showcases accents and art.  New York City's lofts are often painted an antique "renter's white", and in an effort to capture some of their charm, the rest of our nation is following suit.  

The great thing about white is that it can go so many directions… hipster, vintage, industrial, and so many more.  

neutral color kids bedrooms
Courtesy of Coloramaboligdromme

neutral color kids bedrooms
Courtesy of Frivolebysuus

neutral color kids bedrooms
Courtesy of Coloramaboligdromme

neutral color kids bedrooms
Courtesy of

neutral color kids bedrooms
Courtesy of nestegg


Becca Gaines is an Interior Designer in the Memphis area. She lives at Home in Collierville with her husband Jake, and 17 month old Jovie. Becca is a graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and is registered as an Interior Designer with the Tennessee Board of Architecture and Engineering Examiners. She’s also been awarded certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Oh yeah, and she worked as an intern at Looney Ricks Kiss Architects too.

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Hobo Spring/Summer Collection

The life of a woman can often be compared to a juggling act. No matter the role that we play- wife, mother, employee, friend- rarely does a day go by that doesn't pull us in at least a few different directions. Despite all of the craziness though, there is one thing that we can depend on to take us from the office to a night on the town (and every destination in between). That go-anywhere companion, friend, is the purse. 

The creators of Hobo seemed to understand the crucial role that a purse plays in every gal's life when they designed their newest line for spring. Full of the bright, punchy colors that keep each bag right on trend with the of-the-moment looks of today's fashionistas, each shape and size is ready to take on the busiest schedule with the utmost style and durability. From cross body satchels to small wristlet clutches all the way up to the go-to oversized tote, each Hobo bag features the character and strength that define us, with the versatility and fun that get us through the most demanding days.

Crossbody Satchel

Cross-body Satchel


Jade WristletWristlet

Oversized Tote

Patti Tote

Behind the fun colors and shapes that Hobo brings to each member of the spring collection, the promise of high quality leather stands true, making each piece as timeless as it is trendy. Not much can compare to a purse that has the whole package- style, boldness and practicality. Go ahead, we dare you to take it on your busiest day and see how many compliments you get on your impeccable taste and style!

Shop Hobo Spring Bags

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we know that when it comes to mom, only the best will do to help celebrate her on this special day. With all the pressure of what to give this year, we've come up with a way to make shopping for that extra special lady in your life so easy, its right at your fingertips. 

Behold our first ever Mother’s Day Gift Guidea list that is compiled of our most sought after items for the lady who knows a good Mother’s Day gift when she sees one - Mom herself. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of your own home as we guide you in finding the best Mother’s Day gift yet.

- The Girls at Bella Vita

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