At Bella Vita, we are so fortunate to be graced with the beauty of one-of-a-kind, uniquely crafted pieces of art. You see, art is a powerful thing- it has the ability to tell a story, evoke emotion and create a special sense of character through something as simple as color, texture and design. Art also takes a number of forms, from canvas masterpieces to bejeweled trinkets made to add extra sass to your everyday ensemble. Because we get to enjoy this kind of beauty on a daily basis, wouldn't it only seem right to share it with you, our loyal friends and fans, in the most wonderful way? 

Paris trunk show

This weekend, we'll host a fabulous spring trunk show featuring two of our most adventurous and innovative artists- Emily Ozier and Vintage Gypsy- and the newest pieces of their beloved collections. Our friend Paige from Vintage Gypsy will be here on Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd to showcase her latest line of fashion forward, Parisian-inspired jewelry, all inspired by beads, brooches and baubles that she's picked up on her travels around the nation and the world. Each piece packs just enough vintage-inspired beauty to give it character, while also keep you in the running for fashion's hottest accessory trends with each lovely detail. 

Vintage Gypsy Bracelet Just one of the new pieces from Vintage Gypsy's latest collection.

EMYO Canvas Art A sneak peak at one of the paintings from EMYO's Paris Series!

Speaking of adventure, we are thrilled to also have the incredible Emily Ozier (EMYO) in store on Saturday, March 2nd to showcase her most recent works of art. EMYO will debut her brand new Paris Series, featuring works inspired by vintage photos that she collected while on an anniversary trip to Paris. There's no doubt in our mind that we'll be floored with the beauty of each canvas creation that she'll feature, and we are on the edge of our seat in anticipation to see what she's come up with. 

Don't miss out on the fun and adventure this weekend. After all, if we can't travel the world, can't we at least live vicariously through the artwork of those who do?  Plus, we could all use a mini-transport to a place as gorgeous as Paris from time to time, don't you think?

See you this weekend!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Emily Ozier

The Gift Dilemma Solved...Trunk Show Style!

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Feb 22 2013


We all love pictures. In an instant, something as small as 4x6 inches as the ability to evoke tons of memories, sentiments and instantly brighten our day. If pictures are so important to us, why on earth wouldn't we dress them in a way that says so? Say goodbye to your tired wooden frames, friend, because we're about to change everything you thought you knew about the must-have picture frame!

Our latest collection of unique frames features the classic wooden style that you've come to know, love and rely on- but with a twist! There's a reason why we refer to them as "unique", and boy are they ever. With accents ranging from fabric flowers to funky shaped embellishments, we know you'll love the statement that each of these artisan-crafted frames helps your favorite photos make. 

unique photo frame

unique photo frame

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a special friend? How about a little something to brighten your own day? Look no more, because these unique picture frames were made to bring a smile to your face and some style to your space. Plus, they're 15% off online this week! 

-The Girls at Bella Vita

Shop all frames on online

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Old Favorite, New Styles- Matchstix Frames and Wall Decor

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We've all been faced with the dilemma- on the rare occassion that we've ordered actual prints of our latest collection of photos, we can't seem to find a place for them. But don't let those priceless memories sit on the table or shelf collecting dust for one second longer. We have just the solution you've been seeking, and it comes in the form of a sale!

This week only, enjoy 15% off all picture frames on the Bella Vita website. From rustic to unique and statement making, we have the perfect frame to display your friends and family in all their photographic glory. We even have a few new looks recently added to our collection, and we're dying to share them with you! 

Off the Wall

off the wall new frame

The people that brought you the wooden wall decor that you can't get enough of are back with a line of frames, ideal for housing all of your favorite photos. Each one features the same look of repurposed wooden boards and the industrial style of glass just the right size for slipping in your images. Available in a variety of colors, these are the perfect way to add a pop of energy to a space in need, or to bring extra character to your home with a more neutral, rustic look.


matchstix hanger frame

Did somebody say new frames? The crew at Matchstix, who has always created the perfect combination of practicality and style for holding your precious mementos, is back in action with a couple of new styles for their collection. The Hanger frame does double-duty as a picture frame and loss prevention system for your keys, necklaces or other items. The fun frame is a petite sized, multi-colored block perfect for holding your best snapshots. 

matchstix fun frame

As if these fantastic additions weren't enough, we have a wide variety of uniquely artistic and textured frames for you to check out, too. Basically, we're giving you yet another excuse to do a little cyber shopping, and there's no reason to wait one second longer. After all, those photos will look much better on display than they do in a dusty pile! Happy online shopping!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Old Favorite, New Styles-Matchstix Frames and Wall Decor

All Hung Up- A Matchstix Frame Collage

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