It's human nature to love routines. We become accustomed to the same thing, get into our comfort zones, and fear change. The same holds true with our home decor scheme, too. Though there are the portion of us who can't get enough of an annual interior update and rearrange, many of us learn to love the look that we choose for the rooms in our home. Well friends, we're here to kick that style rut and ease you into something new. The best part-- the new one is a lot like the old one, so the transition shouldn't be that hard for you!

Our friends behind the classic, rustic Matchstix frames, magnet and clip boards that you have come to know and love are back in action this fall with a few new products. Aimed at keeping the clutter off your kitchen counter tops and adding a stylish wooden update to your walls, their pieces are the perfect stylish twist on an old favorite. 

Pallet Magnet Boards

The classic clipboard photo holder is now magnetized! This new magnet picture board is perfect for keeping your pictures, lists and to-dos in order. The magnetic posts and wooden frame add a factory-inspired look to your home, keeping in line with the reclaimed and re-purposed looks that are all the rage in home decor these days.

Double Wall Pockets

Single Wall Pockets

Your stack of mail will never be the same! Eliminate clutter with these cute wooden mail holders. Heavy enough to hold all the bills and magazines, you'll feel extra organized thanks to these simple box containers. Choose from one slot or two for extra organization- his and hers!

Family Frame

Love Frame

Friends Frame

Matchstix frames are what made them famous, so wouldn't it only be reasonable for them to create a new version of their "old faithful" to complete their fall collection? We think so, and we love the look of rustic metal letters across the bottom of each frame. The style lends itself to something slight shabby chic, and we think it's the perfect addition to photos that are already worth more than a thousand words.

See, that wasn't so bad. It turns out change can be a good thing-- especially when it means being able to stay organized and display even more family photos!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Sep 21 2012

Double Duty

Most of us love anything with a dual purpose. When we can wear our favorite dress both to work and out on the town with friends, it's a definite winner. Why then, wouldn't it be the same for a great piece of furniture that can do double-duty in two different roles? We have just the ticket for you practical, versatility lovin' ladies, and its in the form of a super stylish, galvanized metal table.

Galvanized Planter/Side Table 

With industrial style on the scene in home decor, it's hard to resist the addition of this modern look to your own home. Our newest side table model is perfect for bringing a modern update into your favorite space, and works well with design schemes both classically neutral and colorfully chic. You'll love the edge that the masculine factory style adds to the end of your couch or cozy reading chair, and won't believe how easily the room will feel refreshed and updated.

Galvanized Planter/Side Table 

As if the modern style and versatility of a fantastic side table weren't enough, this galvanized treasure can be flipped over to reveal the perfect place to house your plants on the patio or porch. We promised you double-duty function, didn't we? We must say that a piece of furniture that can easily adapt from indoors to outdoors is a necessity in our book. 

When it comes to the galvanized metal table, there's no need to worry about changing your taste or outgrowing the trends. When the trend no longer fits your indoor lifestyle, just move it outside. It's as easy and versatile as that!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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There is certainly something to be said about a classically designed piece of jewelry. Able to make a statement with its wear anywhere, go with anything versatility and grace, it is a piece that can be handed down from generation to generation, easily becoming a family heirloom. The John Wind jewelry collection has long been characterized by this kind of classic, no-fail style, and we wouldn't have it any other way. That is, until we discovered the latest treasures in the new John Wind Inspire collection.

Inspire Necklace- Gold

Inspire Bracelet- Silver

Part vintage, part eclectic, the pieces within the new Inspire line are a little bit of funky and a whole lot of stylish. Still featuring the beautiful metals that keep John Wind's presence within each necklace, bracelet and charm, these pieces boast the whimsical style of a Bohemian goddess, adding the perfect touch of updated style to all of your favorite ensembles. When accessorizing in the most unique way becomes this simple, why not jump on board?

Inspire Necklae- Silver 

You say you're feeling the easy, carefree style? Well, lady, you're in luck! We're giving you the chance to win your very own piece from John Wind's Inspire collection. Simply visit our Facebook page and comment on the post, telling us what inspires you. We'll choose a winner at random at 5:00 PM CST on Tuesday, September 18 and announce the name on Facebook at that time. Don't miss out!

Add a bit of funky flair to the classic pieces in your jewelry collection. Even the most timeless styles deserve to get dressed up with a fun update every once and a while!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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