Would they say it's time for an update? With the new year upon us, there has never been a more appropriate time to refresh the spaces of your home with a new, stylish look. If you're longing to relax after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we don't blame you. There's no need to stress over your 2013 update thanks to some of our fabulous and incredibly unique wall decor pieces. Allow us to introduce you to the quickest, easiest ways to add a rustic statement to your tired walls!

Rustic Key Holder


We can't get enough of the simple style of this wooden key holder. Featuring re-purposed metal hooks perfectly arranged to hold every pair of keys in the household, you'll love the lack of clutter on your kitchen counter, and the fact that keys won't be so easily lost on busy weekday mornings.

House Rules Plaque


The reminder of family virtue is the focal point of this painted wooden plaque. Simple in design, yet chic in style, this wall hanging will bring just the right dose of country comfort and rustic style to your home with minimal effort. Plus, it's a soft pop of color that brings instant life to a space in need!

Off the Wall Cross


Always a favorite, our friends at Off the Wall know how to create a statement making piece for the walls of your home. Painted in shades from bold to neutral and adorned with the texture of re-purposed tin and metal, this wooden cross is a slightly updated version of a traditional favorite. It packs all of the style that you desire, keeping the look of your home cozy, comfortable and incredibly of the moment.

Cecel Allee Paintings


Full of the whimsical style that makes Cecel Allee an artistic icon, these paintings are perfect for pairing with your favorite decorative accents or hanging in a collection of two or three. They are a quick and easy update that makes a statement, and the colors and wooden texture will surely breath new life into a room in need. Isn't new life what the new year is all about, after all?

Matchstix Photo Pallet


Say goodbye to the traditional picture frame with the latest in photo displaying trends. Pulling from the world of pallets that has become ever so popular in re-purposed home decor, our friends at Matchstix bring you their own rendition, perfect for hanging your precious pictures and notes. Customized with your preferred color, these can fit any style your heart desires with the effortless blend of rustic, classic and trendy styles.

Happy updating!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Old Favorite, New Styles- Matchstix Frames and Wall Decor

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When planning the perfect New Year's celebration, one must consider all of the important elements of throwing a soiree: decorations, entertainment and, most importantly, food. The age old mantra "the perfect way into a person's heart is through their stomach" remains tried and true, and not just any snack will do when it comes to ringing in the new year. No need to stress though, because we've compiled a few of our favorite, creative and surprisingly simple ideas for apps that will wow every foodie in your life. 

New Year's Appetizer Ideas

Image courtesy of Babble

Bacon wrapped potatoes: Who doesn't love bacon and potatoes? This recipe combines the best of both worlds, along with a spicy sour cream dipping sauce for all of your guests that can't go a day without the traditional southern diet staples.

Baked Brie: Make an outstanding impression on your house guests with this tasty and beautiful baked brie treat. Served with crackers or French bread and jam, it's always a favorite. Plus, it looks much more complicated than it is to create!

Avocado with Prosciutto: The tangy flavor of avocado is the perfect complement to salty prosciutto, creating a great snack for counting down the hours and minutes until 2013. This is one appetizer that wows in presentation, and is super easy to make.

Must-Have Meatballs: These babies are a hit for all ages- from the kids all the way up to Grandma and Grandpa. They're perfect for pleasing the man who must have meat, and aren't too heavy for the lady that's watching her figure. Best of all, you can prep them while taking care of the other details of the party!

With this aresenal of appetizer goodness, your party is sure to please! Happy cooking, eating and celebrating this New Year's Eve!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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New Years Eve- Family Style


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We think Christmas comes and goes more quickly each year. Though the family festivities have come to a close, there's no reason to end the holiday fun! It's time for one of the best things about the season- after Christmas shopping! We hope you have your comfy shoes on, because you'll want to spend all day browsing our selection of post-yuletide goodies! 

Bella Vita Sale 

Today-Saturday (Dec. 26-29) we'll give you 40% off all Christmas items, as well as a few other special things. Which "things", you wonder? Well you'll just have to come in and see for yourself! We'll select a few of our favorites and give you a surprise discount on them during this special sale. Who says the excitement has to be over when Christmas ends, anyway? 

We can't wait to see you and help you bring in the new year with a few new pretties for yourself. After all the gift giving, doesn't it feel good to treat yourself to something special?  Ah, the joys of after-Christmas shopping!

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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...And a Happy New Year

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