There is just something about a unique piece of jewelry. It is a collection of precious metals, beautifully layered together in a way that is both eye catching and classic. It goes with any outfit, taking you from day to night in the blink of an eye. The literal layers in a hand-crafted piece of jewelry create a timeless and memorable look--but what about the figurative layers? The layers that provide meaning and a special message behind a bangle, making it more than just an outfit accessory, but also a symbol of life, love and experiences.

The lovely collection of Ronaldo bracelets exemplifies the purpose of a timeless piece of jewelry containing both kinds of beautiful layers. Each bracelet is hand- crafted with only the finest sterling silver and 14K gold, and filled with a lifetime guarantee. Whether you prefer something dainty and ornate or simplistically classic, you'll find your style in this line of pretties. Shop our Ronaldo collection and receive free shipping

Bracelet Collections 

Wear one alone or stack several on your wrist, but either way you can be sure that it will not only complete your outfit, but your also your life. These special bracelets were created symbolically, with a special message behind each one. Choose from love, faith, prayer and many other inspirational thoughts, and you not only have an eye-catching statement, but also a sweet reminder of the special things in life. 

Whether you're looking to add to your own collection or to brighten a friend's day with a great gift, Ronaldo bracelets are sure to please. Who couldn't appreciate something that is both beautifully timeless and full of meaning?

Shop our Ronaldo Bracelets

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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Did you happen to see the gem we shared with you over at Itty Bitty Bella yesterday? If not (and shame on you!), you're in luck. We're sharing it with all of you today.

We have only 2 words for you: Design Seeds. Have you come across this website yet? It's the best place to go for color inspiration...and trust us, we love color!

Apple & Pear Color Scheme This color scheme is whimsical and bright with the reds and greens. They would be great accent colors!

While browsing through in the last couple of days, we came across color schemes that would be wonderful for the kitchen. They are all "edible" appropriate!

Here are some of our favorites. What do you think?

Caffine Tones Color SchemeKeep it light and neutral

Morning Floats Color SchemeAdd a punch of color

Soft and Feminine. We would suggest to play up the gray and use the green/pink as accent colors.

Baked Hues Color SchemePop of turquoise and teal! Our favorite...

Morning Tones Color SchemeThe mustard and navy/charcoal are definitely trend colors right now. Would make a dramatic difference in a kitchen setting.

Mushroom Tints Color SchemeSoft and subdue, perfect for the beach or lake house.

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Jan 26 2012

Fit to be Tied

Sure, when that phrase comes to mind, you probably think of a time when you were frantic, frenzied and in need of a large piece of chocolate. We're here to change that though. From now on, "fit to be tied" will no longer mean you've had it up to here; it will instead signify the fabulous look of one of your favorite year-round accessories, the beloved scarf. 

Scarf Display 

We're proud to welcome a new line of these perfect outfit accents to Bella Vita. They are slightly lighter weight than the those that precede them, making each one the perfect winter to spring or fall to winter transition piece. These knit beauties also come in the most essential, chic and neutral colors, charcoal, brown,  and cream. There's never been an easier method of creating a look of effortless style with everything from jeans to dresses. 

Scarf Display 

Did we mention that we've even come up with new ways for you to wear these little beauties? After all, a new year means a new look, and even the go-to accessory could use a little update. Why not try it as a wrap, draped around your shoulders over a long sleeved top and belted at your waist? This is the perfect way to achieve a vest or poncho look, which is a definite of the moment style. You could also try wrapping the scarf around your shoulders (shawl style) and then using the length of it to tie a bow at your bust. What a cute way to make a simple statement! 

Time and time again, the scarf proves itself worthy of fashion royalty. Isn't it time to add another one to your wardrobe? 

-The Girls at Bella Vita

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